News Broadcasters Ordered To Lose Weight - Or Lose Their Jobs

Suspended presenter Khadija Khattab [Photo: Twitter/Timkidda]

Imagine this: You’re at the height of your career. You’ve got all the skills, the drive, the ambition.

And then, your boss calls you over for a word, and says that something’s wrong - but it isn’t anything to do with your performance. It’s to do with your appearance.

Unfortunately, exactly this happened to several Egyptian News Broadcasters the other day. Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) - the country’s state broadcaster - told eight of its female broadcasters that if they didn’t lose weight, they’d lose their jobs.

Yep. This happened in 2016.

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Of course the Women’s Centre for Guidance and Legal Awareness has argued that ERTU’s decision violates the constitution, but a depressingly high number of people are totally on board with the idea.

Let’s all give a deep sigh about the media’s obsession with controlling women’s bodies for a moment, shall we?

The first thing we’d expect from this scenario is for the person that gave the order to be an old-fashioned man, but no - the director of ERTU is former TV anchor Safaa Hegazy; a woman. Not that that changes anything, but it’s a harsh reminder that sexism can come from anyone.

But it goes on - one woman on Twitter reportedly described Hegazy as a “strong woman” for making the decision - which is nothing short of surreal.

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The women will apparently be allowed on air again once they have an “appropriate appearance”, and it’s a terrifying thought for any woman that someone can consider you ‘inappropriate’ simply for being above a size 12.

The presenters haven’t stayed silent on the matter. According to The Independent Khadija Khattab, one of the suspended presenters, said she wanted people to watch her most recent TV appearances and judge for themselves if she was fat, and deserved to be prevented from working.

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