New York Magazine causes a British stir on Twitter by calling sausage rolls 'pigs in blankets'

These are sausage rolls. [Photo: Getty]
These are sausage rolls. [Photo: Getty]

In Britain, it’s fair to say that there aren’t many people mixing up sausage rolls and pigs in blankets.

Sausage rolls are encased in a puff pastry, they’re an all year round snack and there’s no wrapped bacon to be seen.

Pigs in blankets, on the other hand, mostly come out at Christmas and don’t have a puff pastry outer shell.

It’s not hard to tell the difference in the UK, but as it turns out in the US the lines are slightly blurrier.

New York Magazine recently confused the two in a tweet that took mere moments for our sausage-roll loving nation to call out.

David Lewis opened the conversation, branding everybody in America “monsters”.

He screenshoted a picture of New York Magazine’s mistake, which read “Pigs in blankets are the Tom Hanks of party snacks: universally beloved. They’re unassuming, inoffensive yet somehow a joy to behold.”

So far, so accurate.

But wait, underneath this sentence is a picture of sausage rolls. Not pigs in blankets, we repeat, not pigs in blankets.

“So in the USA, “pigs in blankets” are sausage rolls. What do they call sausage rolls?” One confused person wrote.

Good point, well made.

Another person said, “If you like pigs in blankets, you should try mashed potato”, complete with a picture of some chips.

This then got the ball rolling for other people to make hilarious comparisons. One likened prawns to lobsters, another likened hamburgers to cheese on toast.

It’s British dry humour at its finest.

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With Brexit day looming, some people have suggested that this simple lapse in judgement has reunited a divided nation.

We might not all be in agreement over politics, but it’s safe to say we’re all in agreement about sausage rolls and pigs in blankets being very different things.

Just to clear up any confusion, one Twitter user shared an image of pigs in blankets and sausage rolls side by side which left us all suitably hungry.

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If we look closely at the original picture, you can also notice that the sausage rolls in the photo aren’t even traditional sausage rolls.

They have been made using what looks to be hotdog sausages. That’s a big no-no in British sausage roll making etiquette.

We didn’t want to bring it up, but this isn’t the first time our American friends have dissed our much-loved food lately.

They recently discovered beans on toast, which is up there with sausage rolls on the foods that make you peak British scale.

And guess what? They weren’t impressed.

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