Americans have discovered beans on toast and they're not impressed

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The staple UK meal has only just been discovered by Americans. [Photo: Getty]
The staple UK meal has only just been discovered by Americans. [Photo: Getty]

Beans on toast is somewhat of an institution in the UK.

It makes up a staple part of the full English breakfast. It’s the perfect compromise when you’re too hungry for a snack but not hungry enough for a full meal.

In our eyes, it’s a culinary all rounder but it turns out that not everybody agrees.

We have a lot in common with our American friends, but it seems our love for beans on toast isn’t one of them.

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It all started with a simple tweet from Twitter user bennyrodgers188 with a picture of his beans on toast topped with cheese, pepper and chilli flakes.

He captioned the photo: “Americans will never understand how good beans on toast with cheese (pepper & chilli flakes) on top is.”

It didn’t take long for Americans to pipe up with hilarious outrage at the photo.

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“Brits will never understand that bacon is meant to be crispy or that breakfast sandwiches are always to include cheese as a default, not an option.” One woman said.

She’s got a point. Cheese in a breakfast sandwich? Madness.

Bruv, you couldn’t at least melt the cheese?” One confused Twitter user added.

Fair point, fair point.

In fact, so many people were incensed that he didn’t melt the cheese that it stole focus from the actual point of the original tweet.

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Overall though, Americans were not impressed with his tweet, which attracted a lot of good-natured comments as well as thousands of shares.

“This is like what you would eat in post-apocalypse just after the stores run out of food. "Let's just mash what's left in the pantry!”” Another grossed out person said.

Some were left intrigued by the concoction, which, in all fairness, doesn’t photograph all that well.

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“Cold or warm beans?” One queried.

Warm - if you were wondering.

“Do you eat it with a knife and fork or with your hands?” Another’s vaguely interested post read.

It works both ways.

Given the popularity of the tweet, Benny Rodgers decided to send another little follow up message to fans and confused onlookers of the humble beans on toast.

“The responses I’ve got to this are amazing. Hate it or love it. You’ve all made me laugh. I can’t reply to you all but Keep em coming & give this a try. Have a great day. Peace.”

Beans on toast isn’t the only British dish that American’s haven’t had the privilege to try.

Absolute classics like Ribena, Jaffa Cakes, Yorkshire Puddings and crumpets are all so ingrained into British culture that we yearn for them when we go abroad.

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