Husband expects wife to lose baby weight - two months after giving birth

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The mum took to Mumsnet to complain about her critical husband. [Photo: Getty]
The mum took to Mumsnet to complain about her critical husband. [Photo: Getty]

A new mum‘s husband has accused her of not loving him enough to lose her baby weight.

The woman, who gave birth just two months ago, asked parenting forum Mumsnet for advice after her husband criticised her for not losing the weight she had gained fast enough.

She explained she had gained 23 kilograms (kg) of weight during her pregnancy, and had already lost 13kg.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 80kg. On 90kg now. Was 103kg when DS was born,” she shared.

However, during an argument, her husband of one year took her to task over her fluctuating weight.

He said ‘I have a question. You lost all the fat and weight in the past for your ex. Why don’t you love me enough to do it for me?’

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The row came after she checked her husband’s phone and saw he was messaging another woman from the gym.

“I looked at his phone and saw a chat from a girl at the gym..[sic] he was commenting on how nice her arms are and flirting with her.. [sic] this obviously devastated me.”

He had also been looking at “pages and pages of facebook pics of skinny girls from the gym,” the new mum shared, who said she felt “completely alone” and “broken” from the whole incident.

Mumsnet users defended the mother, with several recommending she leave her husband.

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“I bet you could lose 80Kg of unwanted flesh by tossing him out the window,” one user responded.

I couldn’t be with someone who was flirting with other women and criticising me two months post partum. […] You are the mother of his child and his partner. Is he that shallow that thin arms are more important than hurting you?,” said another.

Others pointed out the husband was likely using the weight jibes to justify his questionable fidelity.

He’s cheating (or trying to) and using your weight as an excuse to justify his actions,” one wrote, while another added: “It doesn’t matter what shape or size anyone is, he shouldn’t be texting women complimenting their bodies if he’s married!”

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