‘Never march alone’: Pride in London unveils powerful new campaign

 (Pride in London)
(Pride in London)

Pride in London has unveiled its 2023 campaign aimed at supporting trans and non-binary people in the face of growing hostility.

Its campaign, Never March Alone: Championing Trans Allyship, comes as hate crimes targeting transgender people increased by 56% between 2021 and 2022.

The work was developed with trans advocates including Mz Kimberly, Hannah and Jake Graf and Dani St.James and features photographic and video portraits of members of the trans and non-binary community and those who stand with them.

It will run ahead of London’s Pride on Saturday 1 July.

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, said: “The march of solidarity and celebration has helped to change our society and I’m pleased that this year’s campaign will be in support of the capital’s trans and non-binary community.

“In London you are free to be who you want to be and to love you want to love, and in July more than 1.5m people will once again take to the streets to send that message to the world.”

Christopher Joell-Deshields, chief executive of Pride in London, said: “Pride in London is much more than a celebration of our vibrant community; it is a powerful gathering that fosters unity and support.  Amidst the ongoing adversity faced by the LGBT+ community worldwide, we want every trans and non-binary person to feel the unwavering solidarity we offer.  You are not alone - we stand with you”.

Hannah Graf  said: “Jake and I were delighted to be able to help Pride in London shape its 2023 campaign and it was of course of paramount importance to us that all facets of our community felt included. With the recent influx of transphobic headlines and commentators, the trans and non-binary community needs support more than ever.

“Never March Alone is a powerful message that centres trans people, while also celebrating the rest of the community and their vital support and allyship.”

Those looking to support the work of Pride in London can donate to The Unity Fund, an awards programme created to support grassroots charities and organisations that seek to improve the lives of LGBT+ people across the capital.