Nanny Films Adorable Little Girl's Daily Lunches in Viral Series: Meet Poppy! (Exclusive)

Myeisha Meeks tells PEOPLE that the videos she uploads to the social media site were "originally just a way to get Poppy to eat her lunch"

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A Texas woman is going viral on TikTok for the unique way she gets a toddler in her care to eat her lunch: by filming her.

Myeisha Meeks tells PEOPLE that the videos she uploads to the social media site were "originally just a way to get Poppy to eat her lunch." But, millions of views later, they've "turned into something people really enjoy watching."

In her TikToks, Meeks shares her daily "lunch with Poppy" videos, in which she can be seen feeding Poppy while the little girl looks at her food expectantly, offering adjectives like "juicy" to describe her apprehension at certain foods. Or, in some cases, simply saying "no" to things she's uninterested in trying.

Eventually, Poppy grows more comfortable with foods she initially has doubts about, smiling while she takes bites of ravioli and salmon — and grinning at her reflection in the camera all the while.

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Meeks, a 44-year-old single mom from Grand Prairie, Texas, began caring for now 2-year-old Poppy when she was 9 months old.

"Her grandparents attend the synagogue I work at," Meeks says. "Her grandmother saw me with the children [in childcare] and asked if I’d be interested in keeping Poppy to help her daughter."

Meeks, who had never nannied before, adds: "I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure what I was possibly agreeing to. After meeting Poppy and her mother, we clicked instantly and I knew that was where I was supposed to be."

But taking care of any child comes with its challenges — notably, getting them to eat.

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So Meeks — who Poppy calls "Mye Mye" — started filming the little girl, and quickly noticed that she loved watching herself eat.

"She hasn't really been eating her lunch well lately," Meeks says in one video, "so the fact that she was eating her lunch and took that last bite was a super win."

In more recent videos, Poppy can be seen lifting her fork to feed herself, opening her mouth wide (and full of food) to show Meeks she's enjoying it.

<p>NoodlesandChicken1/TikTok</p> Poppy feeding herself


Poppy feeding herself

"She loves watching herself now," Meeks says. "She was so excited when she saw her first video."

And while she was encouraged that filming Poppy helped facilitate lunch time, Meeks says she was shocked when she realized the videos were resonating with others, too.

"I was in complete shock when that video went viral. I never posted for that. I was just sharing my attempt to get Poppy to eat her lunch properly," Meeks says, adding: "I’m getting an overwhelming amount of parents wanting me to nanny."

<p>NoodlesandChicken1/TikTok</p> Poppy showing her food


Poppy showing her food

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While Meeks can't make herself available to every child come meal time, she does offer some advice to parents or caretakers trying to get their own kids to eat: "Make it fun."

"Get creative, and stay there while they eat," she says. "Don’t just put the plate in front of them and walk away."

Meeks continues: "Dedicate that time to your child. Also take a bite of their food, or eat with them. If they see you eating, they are more likely to try their food."

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