Nadia Sawalha recreates lingerie model's pose in festive body positive Instagram post

Nadia Sawalha has been praised for sharing a body positive post to Instagram, pictured October 2019. (Getty Images)
Nadia Sawalha has been praised for sharing a body positive post to Instagram, pictured October 2019. (Getty Images)

Nadia Sawalha has been praised by fans for recreating a lingerie model’s pose in a body positive post shared to Instagram.

The Loose Women panellist, 55, shared a split screen image of herself and the model both wearing red underwear and praying in front of a Christmas tree.

While the model was surrounded by beautifully wrapped presents, in Sawalha’s image she had a pile of Amazon boxes around her.

In the accompanying caption the presenter joked she was praying that all the “tat” she’s ordered for Christmas arrives in time now that she’s about to move into Tier 3.

“Just like my beautiful identical twin on the left I’m praying that all the tat I’ve ordered for Christmas gets here on time now we are in EFFING TIER THREEEEE because quite frankly I’d rather lick a handrail/ share a face mask than go to the SODDING shops,” she wrote.

“Merry flaming Christmas boys and girls!!”

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Sawalha went on to add that she has already put on the half stone in weight she typically gains at Christmas.

“It’s just one bit of good news after another today,” she joked.

The TV personality ended her post by adding the hashtags #bodypositivity #bodypositivitymovement #bodypositivityquotes.

Fans were quick to head to the comments section to praise the star for her empowering post.

“At last a real shape of a woman, well done Nadia true woman,” one wrote.

“So proud of you! Reality... a real woman in her true form,” another added.

Others praised the daytime TV host for having the courage to share such a revealing photo.

“Love that you are unapologetically you,” one fan wrote.

“Oh Nadia I love you for keeping it real,” another agreed.

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It isn’t the first time Sawalha has recreated the pose of a lingerie model. Last month, the TV host stripped down to a semi-sheer black bra, nude underwear and suspenders, to mimic a glamorous model by draping Christmas lights round her body.

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In the accompanying caption Sawalha explained she’d decided to strip off to lift the lockdown mood.

“To celebrate the first day of VLOGMASS I thought I’d make a right t*t of myself for you all as god knows we need a little distraction!”

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Previous to that the presenter was the picture of confidence as she danced in her underwear in an empowering post describing how she managed to overcome the body demons in her head.

Sawalha explained how she woke up battling “nasty voices in my head”, but was later encouraged to strip down to her undies after reflecting on motivational affirmations about herself.

And her fans couldn’t get enough of the body positive post.

“You’re a real inspiration to all us women who have these thoughts but don’t share them. You make us stronger and I love you for that,” one wrote.

“You are an inspiration to all women Nadia,” another agreed.

“Trying to keep a lid on my stinking thinking but not succeeding,” another commented. “Little posts like these from you always gives me a boost that I need.”

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