Myleene Klass shares story behind the white bikini she wore in 'I'm A Celebrity' shower scene

Myleene Klass admits that famous shower scene nearly didn't happen. (Getty Images)
Myleene Klass admits that famous shower scene nearly didn't happen, pictured in March 2020. (Getty Images)

Myleene Klass has shared the story behind the bikini she wore in her famous shower scene on I’m a Celebrity.

The radio presenter, 42, appeared on the ITV show in 2006 and has been reflecting on her time in the jungle as the latest series has kicked off.

Sharing an image of herself in the famous two-piece, Klass admitted she only bought the bikini while she was on her way into the jungle after a show producer said the swimwear she’d already packed wouldn’t work on camera.

“I remember one of the show’s producers looking at my bikinis in the hotel before I went to camp,” she explained in the accompanying caption on Instagram.

“One was covered in stripes. ‘We’ll have to stop at the shops as that’s probably going to strobe on camera’.”

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Klass goes on to explain that she ran into the shop while en route and asked for the plainest bikini available.

“Best $40 I ever spent... especially as it raised so much for charity afterwards,” she added.

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Following her stint on the show, the classically trained musician auctioned her famous bikini for charity, raising £7,500 to help some of the 150,000 people who lost millions when Christmas hamper company Farepak collapsed.

Klass previously credited her appearance on the show for helping to relaunch her career, having been inundated with opportunities following that famous shower scene.

“When I went back into the jungle I had nothing to lose - I’d gone back into classical music, but it wasn’t giving me that stimulation”, she admitted during a BUILD LDN event in 2017.

“The offers following my white bikini moment, from modelling to more, were just staggering. I’d say to any girl go into the jungle - it worked for me!”

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Klass shared her bikini post following the launch of the new series of I’m a Celebrity, which is being filmed in Wales this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wishing the new contestants all the best as they begin their stint in the show, the mum-of-three signed off her post with a cheeky reference to the chilly British weather.

“Good luck to the contestants,” she wrote. “Hope the new outdoor shower isn’t too cold!!”

Myleene credits her appearance on I'm a Celebrity for relaunching her career, pictured in November 2020. (Getty Images)
Myleene credits her appearance on I'm a Celebrity for relaunching her career, pictured in November 2020. (Getty Images)

Last month, Klass opened up about secretly suffering four miscarriages before welcoming her youngest child last year.

In a post shared to Instagram, Klass revealed she had been encouraged to share her experiences after Chrissy Teigen spoke about the “deep pain” she and husband John Legend felt after losing their child.

Klass said she was doing so in the hopes of helping “even one lost soul”.

The 42-year-old, who has two daughters with ex-husband Graham Quinn, Ava, 13, and Hero, 9, and son Apollo, one, with fiancé Simon Motson, shared the post on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day on 15 October.

Back in the summer Klass hit back against shamers who criticised her decision to continue to breastfeed her son, calling for people to “support and respect, not critique” mothers.

The radio host shared a collection of snapshots of her breastfeeding her son along with a powerful defence of extended breastfeeding.

“Uh oh. Some of us mums are being chastised for pumping,” she began her powerful post. “No one bats an eyelid prepping their own breakfast, why choose to get flustered over my baby having his? Boobs were designed to feed.

“How funny that some fat, cells and glands could so deeply offend so many. Being a mum is hard enough. You can't do right for doing wrong. Seemingly, everyone knows how to raise YOUR baby except you.”

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