Muslim blogger designs hijab range for all skin tones


[Photo: Instagram/lifelongpercussion]

When it comes to rules, the world of blogging has certainly been breaking those in fashion, and providing the industry with a breath of fresh air. But it’s still very much dominated by a few physical characteristics; namely being thin, white and blonde.

Which is why some bloggers are working hard to break the mould, especially when it comes to diversity.

Cue Habiba Da Silva, a 22-year-old blogger and designer from Birmingham, who’s not only just launched a hijab fashion range but one designed to be inclusive of all races and skin tones.

Silva told Metro that the hijabs in the range - called SKIN - aren’t necessarily intended to look ‘nude’, but celebrate and unite different people.

And that includes men and women of all religions and skin tones, as can be seen from the diverse range of models in the collection’s photo shoots.

There are currently four shades to choose from - though Silva says more will follow - and cost £20.

“I’ve made sure it all has a special and personal touch from the packaging side,” she explained.

“All profit made is literally going back into the business to purchase more stock and packaging.”

Judging from the photos, the range looks super slick and beautiful. We can’t wait to see the full collection.

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