Mums travel to Ibiza for a 12-hour holiday – and return in time for the school run

Rebecca Rattcliff and friends in Ibiza
The group of mothers secured return flights to Ibiza for just £34. (SWNS)

A group of mums travelled to Ibiza for a 12-hour-long holiday after securing flights for just £34 – and ensured they made it back in time for the school run.

Rebecca Rattcliff, 38, craved a day in the sun with her five friends, Laura, Danielle, Danielle, Lauren and Fay.

Due to work and childcare commitments they only had a small window in which to travel, and jetted off on the approximately 2hr 45min flight from Manchester Airport at around 6am on Sunday 26 March.

They then flew back from the Spanish Island at 11pm on the same day, meaning they made it back in time for the Monday morning school run.

Rebecca Rattcliff and friends in Ibiza
They jetted off just after 6am and returned at 11pm the same day. (SWNS)

Rattcliff, a travel consultant from Manchester, said: "I have four children and between the six of us we have 15 children. We were keen to look for a good deal and everybody loves the Ibiza sunshine.

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"We found Ryanair flights on Skyscanner, and we knew for everyone to be able to come it had to be that Sunday."

The group booked their flights in February 2023, and saved money on baggage since they only needed to bring a handbag each.

Rebecca Rattcliff
Rebecca Rattcliff took her friends to San Antonio Bay for a spot of sunbathing. (SWNS)

They then paid £10 each for a return minibus to Manchester Airport, and 27 euros each to travel around Ibiza through a transfer company.

To start their day, the group enjoyed brunch at Passion Cafe in Ibiza Town, followed by shopping and cocktails on the marina.

They then went to San Antonio Bay, where they enjoyed some sunbathing, and watched the sunset at Café Mambo.

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Rattcliff, who had gone on another one-day holiday to Lanzarote in January, noted: "We ended up doing 26,000 steps just exploring."

She added: "We had to be back at the airport for 8.15pm for our flight at 10pm, but there was a 40-minute delay."

They arrived back home in the early hours of Monday after a "gorgeous" and "cloudless" day ,which left them feeling "refreshed" ahead of a new week.