Mums reveal retro baby names that are due a comeback including Beryl, Maud and Quentin

Mums have revealed the retro baby names they think should be making a comeback [Image: Getty]
Mums have revealed the retro baby names they think should be making a comeback [Image: Getty]

This year has seen some interesting points of inspiration for baby names.

While some parents are looking to plants for their newborn’s moniker, others are turning to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

But some nostalgic mums are convinced we’re due a comeback of certain old favourites.

A discussion started on Mumsnet after a woman suggested that the retro names of Rachel, Amanda and Clare might be ripe for a return.

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In a post, she wrote: “I think Rachel, Amanda and Clare may make their way back around soon.

"I met a two-year-old Hilary the other day and somehow it didn't seem quite 'right'.

"What others do you think may start to appear soon? Looking for inspiration."

Her fellow mums rushed to give their own vintage suggestions.

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Names for girls put forward included Miriam, Maud and Mavis.

There was also Karen, Melanie, Martha and Blythe.

And the particularly old-fashioned Sybil, Ethel and Mabel.

For boys, there was Brian, Graham and Ian, as well as Barry, Curtis and Norman.

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Similarly, there were the particularly retro Elmer, Quentin, Neville and Trevor.

The desire for more classic names follows news of the most popular baby names of 2019 so far.

Hunter, Myla and Dominic have all made the cut, and 2018-favourites Oliver and Olivia are still popular.

Arthur, Alfie, Ada and Esme are also being increasingly used, while babies being called Ruby and Darcie are on the decline.

Many predict the name Archie - which Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to call the royal baby - will see a spike among new parents.

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