Mums hit back after man goes on rant about woman breastfeeding in pub

Beer on mat
He implied it wasn’t appropriate to ‘flop a breast out’ in public [Photo: Pexels]

Another day, another person who’s unable to handle one of the most natural things in the world.

When a man called Sheldon Sparks witnessed a mum feeding her children at the pub, he wasn’t having it, and left a long Facebook message ranting as to why it wasn’t acceptable.

He implied it wasn’t on to ‘”flop a breast out in the middle of a very busy pub” and that she should breastfeed in a park instead.

He also had a stab at the mother for drinking, too, saying “I really don’t think there would be much milk it would be receiving… more like 14% Pinot Grigio”.

Baby holding onto finger
But mums fought back [Photo: Pexels]

“I may be old fashioned… but do new born babies really need to be introduced to pubs at such an early age,” he continued.

“It’s such a shame that parents nowadays think it’s acceptable to take Babies and children to pubs.

“Maybe they are unaware of local green spaces like South Street Playing Fields or Grevill Smyth Park even exist.”

But according to the Metro, fellow mums have hit back, and commented on the post that breastfeeding in public is nothing to be ashamed of.

“I have three kids all of which have been breastfed in public including pubs,” one wrote.

“Sheldon you are a complete d*ck.”

Baby and mother
Mums said breastfeeding in public should never be shameful [Photo: Pexels]

One woman also wrote: “Call 101 if a creepy man is staring at you as you’re ‘flopping out your breast’ to feed your child.”

And another quite rightly pointed out: “If I hadn’t socialised and taken baby to pubs and cafes in the early days I would have gone insane.”

One point for team mum.

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