Mums everywhere are loving on Gap's new breastfeeding ad

Gap’s new ad featuring a breastfeeding mum is going down a storm online [Photo: Instagram/Gap]
Gap’s new ad featuring a breastfeeding mum is going down a storm online [Photo: Instagram/Gap]

Gap’s new ad featuring a woman breastfeeding her toddler is winning fans all over Instagram.

For some reason, breastfeeding is still a controversial subject. Despite the fact that mums should be able to choose to feed their child in whichever way they see fit, those who choose to nurse can still be shamed for doing so. (Likewise, mums who choose to bottle-feed)

But it seems mums have had enough of the stigmatisation. And that’s why they’re loving Gap’s new social media ad.

The campaign for Love By GapBody, which debuted recently on Instagram, depicts a mother cuddling her young son to her chest in the first picture, then breastfeeding him in the second, all in a stretchy breastfeeding-friendly t-shirt.

The images clearly resonated with parents, as almost as soon as it was shared mums started praising Gap for the refreshing ad.

“Love your work @gap for your contribution to #normalisebreastfeeding,” one user wrote.

“Beautiful! I base my shopping on how easy it will be to breastfeed in,” another mum added.

“I absolutely love this! Thank you @gap for supporting inclusivity and equal representation! #NormaliseBreastFeeding,” another user commented.

“Well isn’t this just the most awesomest thing I’ve seen today!” a further mum added simply.

Other mums were thrilled that the ad didn’t just feature the nursing of a newborn and instead gave a nod to extended breastfeeding.

“YES YES YES YES YES. Not just breastfeeding but showcasing extended breastfeeding. LOVE YOU EVEN MORE, Gap!” one mum wrote.

“Glad it is a Black woman and child. That is a toddler not just an infant!,” another user commented.

Since posting the ad has received over 34K likes and thousands of comments from users showing their appreciation.

Speaking about the success of the ad, a representative from Gap told Yahoo Lifestyle: “We aim for the marketing around Love By GapBody to encourage and empower all women to be the woman they want to be as a friend, partner, wife, mother, and voice in today’s society.”

The advert comes as it has been revealed that more than a quarter of new mums say they’ve been made to feel uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public.

Women are often shamed for breastfeeding in public [Photo: Getty]
Women are often shamed for breastfeeding in public [Photo: Getty]

The Scottish Maternal and Infant Nutrition Survey also found that some women are still being asked not to feed their babies when they are out, while others are actively shamed for daring to feed their hungry children in public.

From restaurants and pubs to shopping centres, breastfeeding mums are constantly being told to cover up. And left feeling embarrassed and humiliated for merely just trying to feed their babies.

While a lot of the shaming is done by men (and in one instance by an actual policeman! Yes, really!), in many cases it’s fellow mums who are spitting the dummy about women nursing in public.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that many public figures, like singer Pink, have been vocal about the fact that shaming mums for breastfeeding in public really needs to stop.

Let’s hope Gap’s new ad will help to do just that.

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