Mother horrified after nursery 'tapes child's shoes to her feet'

A mum has taken to social media to express her upset that her daughter’s feet were taped at nursery [Photo: Facebook/Jessica Hayes]
A mum has taken to social media to express her upset that her daughter’s feet were taped at nursery [Photo: Facebook/Jessica Hayes]

A mum has taken to social media to express her fury about picking up her daughter from nursery and discovering her shoes had been taped to her feet.

Sharing images of the effects the tape had on her 17-month-old daughter’s feet Jessica Hayes asked if other parents would be ok with their child’s feet being taped.

“Does anyone see an issue with this?” she wrote alongside the photos of her daughter’s red and bruised feet. “Am I the only one?”

In a further status, she went on to explain staff had taped her feet because they became “aggravated” with the tot taking off her shoes.

“This was also not just her shoes being taped up it was around her ankle, my 17-month-old child was unable to say anything,” she said.

“This was left on long enough and tight enough to leave marks, cause swelling, and bruise.”

Many parents were quick to comment on the mum’s post expressing their own concern about the matter.

“I’d be getting someone’s hind end,” one wrote. “I don’t know what daycare but the teacher needs to be fired. There is NO way they should be able to get away with something like this.”

“I work in childcare and this is no where near okay! Report this, and do not let it go!! This sickens me!!!” another added.

Jessica went on to explain that having raised her concerns with the nursery, two staff members had since been sacked.

A note was also sent out to parents, although this didn’t go into details about the incident.

While many commented offering support for the mum, she also received some backlash for choosing to air the problem on social media.

“Why are you livid? The shoes are WAY too big and they probably kept falling off. What should they do. Buy her a proper size pair of shoes?” one commenter wrote.

Jessica hit back explaining that she had decided to make her post public to make other parents aware.

“It was done to make others aware of not only her daycare but others, including in-home daycares, not to keep it silent and only amongst the people who have kids currently enrolled in daycare,” she said.

She went on to say that she was satisfied with the reaction of the nursery, explaining that her daughter has already returned.

“My daughter went straight back to the daycare the very next day and rest of the week. As I feel comfortable to do so and WILL continue to do so.”

Commenting on the incident Maehsell Marley, the director of the nursery, told WXII: “Pleasant Hill Day Care in no way condones or allows any practice that would be harmful to a child.

“We have an outstanding group of caregivers who strive to meet the highest of expectations on a daily basis for the children in our care, and what occurred in the shoe-taping incident is not a representation of who we are.”

It isn’t the first time a parent has used social media as a platform to raise awareness.

Earlier this month, a mum issued a warning to parents about the dangers of ‘The Deodorant Challenge’ after the new playground craze left her daughter with second-degree burns.

Last summer, a mum took to Facebook to shout about the dangers of heatstroke.

And earlier this year another mum warned other parents about the risks of choking after her child died after reportedly choking on mini eggs.

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