Mum sparks heated debate about 'hair down there', but where do you stand?

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A mum has sparked debate about how much hair to leave down there. [Photos: Getty]
A mum has sparked debate about how much hair to leave down there. [Photos: Getty]

Whether you embrace the bush, favour a simple tidy up, prefer a stylish design or lob it all off thanks to undying teenage habits, pubes are down to personal preference.

That’s certainly what one woman discovered when she opened a conversation about pubic hair on parenting forum Netmums.

Discussing it with her friend, the mum explained she opts bushy landing strip, while her friend thinks fully shaved is the way forward.

Posing the question on the site, the user sparked a fierce debate about what is best.

One user said: “I accidentally got a Hollywood a few months ago, I was mortified!

“Honestly I don’t understand why a man would find it attractive looking pre-pubescent down there! I just like to keep it tidy-wax as shaving gives me awful ingrown hairs, neat landing strip.”

In response, another user replied: “Reasonable sized triangle bush but all off underneath – my OH [other half] HATES the completely naked pre-teen look, and it’s kinda nice to have a triangle that feels more natural than a strip. [sic]

For one woman, it was all about her partner’s personal preference: “Quick trim when OH is away, all off when he’s back!,” she says.

Another woman liked to switch things up on a month-by-month basis. “Varies massively,” she writes. “Full bush or completely smooth but I will go for months doing one and then switch to other.”

One user was a strong advocate for pubic hair, writing an impassioned response:

“I can’t believe what I’m reading,” she starts. “There is no way I would shave off what’s clearly natural! I remember doing that once as a young girl and couldn’t believe how itchy it was. Not to mention all the faff and time and money involved.

“I am who I am and that is how others have to (and do) accept me. I do worry for all the people who run around making themselves acceptable for others. Fine if you are happy with it but otherwise its just another insecurity like wearing loads of makeup, the ‘right’ clothes etc to fit in [sic].”

However, another user responded calling the reply “a bit unfair and dramatic.”

“As most women have said, it’s them who prefer it, no-one else,” they say. “Wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same? Hair removal is hardly plastic surgery! There’s no need to ‘worry for all the people’ on here.”

It’s clear that there’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to pubic hair, and what’s ‘fashionable’ doesn’t seem to come into how we style our pubes the way it would with, say, hair styles (of the head variety) and eyebrow grooming.

To shave or not to shave? It really doesn’t matter.

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