Naked Attraction praised for transgender contestants (but not for the lack of pubic hair)

Naked Attraction is a dating show based on nudity [Photo: Channel 4]

Channel 4’s nude dating show ‘Naked Attraction’ has been branded “the worst programme ever shown on TV.”

But the opening episode of the second series may have swayed opinion.

Thursday night’s episode saw two transgender contestants appear naked in a bid to win a date with Izzy.

Two transgender contestants appeared on the show [Photo: Channel 4]

Izzy identifies as pansexual, meaning that she is attracted to people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

One contestant, who identifies as male, appeared with female genitalia.

The show has been congratulated for tackling a difficult topic that some of the British public may have been uncomfortable viewing.

‘Naked Attraction’ presenter Anna Richardson also praised the show, saying the inclusion of trans people was a “genuinely proud moment.”

Despite all the praise, the episode was also criticised for showing a lack of pubic hair.

In the first half, one man was looking for a date. All six women chosen had zero pubic hair, causing Twitter users to lament the lack of diversity.

“Did pubic hair go extinct while I wasn’t looking?” one person tweeted. “We should all embrace our pubic hair,” said another.

In fact, the only pubic hair featured in the entire episode came from the aforementioned Izzy who revealed she hadn’t shaved her pubes in over two years.

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