Mum sparks debate with claims schools should ban snow days

A mum has divided the Internet after claiming schools should stay open in the snow.

Kerry Davies appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ today to debate whether children should be given time off school when the weather turns Baltic.

Snowfall and freezing temperatures have forced the closure of many schools across the country, with thousands of children being granted snow days after the wintry conditions set in earlier this week.

For some parents their children’s school being shut presents an opportunity to get out and enjoy the snow, for others, however, an enforced snow day presents a childcare dilemma because many are unsure whether they are entitled to take time off work in such circumstances.

Mum-of-two, Davies, who appeared to debate the issue alongside Kerry Katona, argued that schools were often too quick to shut their gates when snow falls.

Explaining that she dreads snow days she said: “I have had to take my youngest to work with me in the past and my argument is if I can get to work the teachers can get to work.”

She cited an example last year when the UK was hit by snowfall her youngest’s school closed she managed to take a round work trip in the snow from Cheshire to Wales with her seven-year-old son in tow.

“I think we’re just a little bit premature sometimes, we see a snowflake and we become a snowflake,” she added.

She went on to argue that schools should try to stay open no matter what.

Kerry Katona on the other hand argued that children should be able to enjoy ‘making memories’ when snow forces school closures.

The debate massively divided viewers, with some people disagreeing with Davies that schools should stay open, arguing that it was a safety issue for both staff and children.

Others, however, agreed that schools were too quick to close their gates when snowfall hits, with many citing examples of schools staying open in all weathers when they were growing up.

Some viewers offered the viewpoint that modern parents could be contributing to the problem.

What do you think?

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