'Mummy gave Violet crabs in her nappy': Mum shares embarrassing issue with crab design nappies

A mum has gone online to reveal her embarrassment at the crab design on her daughter's nappies [Photo: Facebook/Fran Harvey]

Kids say the funniest things. If only we could control when they say them!

One parent who has experienced her fair share of awks moments is Fran Harvey who has taken to Facebook to express her embarrassment thanks to her daughter and a packet of Sainsbury’s nappies.

It’s worth pointing out that the mum has no qualms with the nappies themselves, they fit her baby well, don’t leak and are reasonably priced, it’s the actual design of them that has caused the cringe.

The problem? The nappies she’s been using for her baby have a crab design on them, which has lead to a few embarrassing moments when she’s in a public baby change.

“Why put the animal crabs on your nappies?” she wrote in a hilarious Facebook post to Sainsbury’s themselves.

Turns out that while changing her younger daughter’s nappy, Fran’s two-year-old had something to say about the crab design.

“My toddler thinks it’s great you have chosen the animal crabs, and finds it great to go around saying ‘Violet got crabs’, ‘Violet got crabs in her nappy’ and also ‘Mummy gave Violet crabs in nappy’. (Direct quotes from my 2 and a half year old),” the mum explained.

“You can only begin to imagine the funny looks I have received.”

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Fran goes on to suggest that the supermarket could possibly choose an alternative design for the nappies.

“You could have chosen any cute fluffy animal to put on your nappy, but you chose the crab,” she wrote.

“Have you thought about changing the animal for future nappies?”

She ended her post by crediting the retailer for causing her much public shame.

“Thank you for the embarrassment and I look forward to hearing a response,
An embarrassed crab hating Mum of 2,” she signed off.

The mum-of-two went on to share a Facebook message from Sainsbury’s in response to her post.

“I’m sorry the aquatic design isn’t of liking,” they said.

Yahoo UK has reached out to Sainsbury’s to find out if they have had any other crab-related queries and will update the article if we hear back.

Fran says she is grateful to the supermarket for the lols.

“Thank you Sainsbury’s for giving me and other mums a little giggle at nappy changes,” she told Yahoo UK.

“Your crabs certainly provided some entertainment!

“It was just the shocked look from one mum to another that made it funny, obviously both of us knew my baby didn’t have crabs but it was more the way my toddler was so proud of her sister for having crabs!”

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On the upside, at least Fran’s has raised a giggle, particularly for other parents who have been on the receiving end of similar public embarrassment at the hands of their kids.

“Could be worse my daughter had problems with her ears when young and as a consequence got some words slightly wrong,” one parent shared.

“On holiday one year she saw some Dora the Explora crocs she wanted, unfortunately she couldn't say crocs came out as crabs.

“We bought the crocs then decided to go for meal in restaurant all was going great till the server walked up wearing crocs my darling daughter took one look and started squealing with excitement and pointing at server shrieking ‘She’s got crabs she’s got crabs.”

“Asda have shoes with them on,” another mum shared. “‘I want crabs mum’.”

Other parents joked that the Sainsbury’s design team may well have anticipated the whole ‘mummy gave me crabs’ debacle.

“I can see them in a meeting ‘oh what cute design shall we have? Bunnies? Tigers?’ ‘Nah let’s humiliate everyone with crabs!’ *cue evil laugh* well played Sainsbury’s, well played,” one parent wrote.

But the best response was from another parent who took the public embarrassment up a notch with her reveal.

“Well my little boy shouting out in the Asda toilets ‘mum why you peeing out your bum?’ I'm like ‘I'm not’ and shouting again ‘yes you are I can hear it’ kids lol.”

The parenting shame is oh. so. real.