Mum outraged after being banned from group for being 'too old'

Can you be too old for baking? Photo: Getty
Can you be too old for baking? Photo: Getty

All this mum wanted to do was join a cookie decorating workshop.

But apparently the group organising the event was normally a “First Mummies Club”, and so she was told there may be other groups that are “more suitable”.

To give some background, the woman took to parenting forum Mumsnet to air her frustration and explain what happened.

She said she had seen a post on Facebook about the workshop and that there were still places available, so she sent the admins a private message to say she was interested in joining.

“The lady came back to me to say to reserve a place I should pay. I duly did, and thought I would introduce myself further,” she wrote.

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“The group was called ‘first mummies club’, but I assumed it was like Mumsnet so ALL mums [are] welcome.

“Boy was I wrong.”

The mum was rejected from the group. Photo: Getty
The mum was rejected from the group. Photo: Getty

Having revealed a little more about herself, including it seems the age of her children, the organiser wrote back a rather curt response.

“Normally, First Mummies Club is aimed at mums of primary school aged children and below,” the organiser wrote, according to the mum.

“When other mums have approached me before who have older children, I’ve suggested alternative groups that may be more suitable. As you’ve paid me, I’d be happy to have you on this occasion.”

The woman was left understandably outraged.

“Really?? I’m not welcome to do crafts as I have older children,” she fumed, revealing she had since asked for her money back

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“I am however, hopping mad as I really wanted to do this, love a bit of crafts, and can’t believe that she is so ageist. I think it’s the first time I’ve been discriminated against due to my age.”

Most people agreed that the woman was out of line, with some even suggesting she read up on equality and discrimination.

“WTF has the age of your kids got to do with cookie decorating,” one person asked.

“This really doesn’t seem fair at all but I wouldn’t want to go now as I wouldn’t feel welcome,” another said.

The mum joked at the end that she would start her own club instead.

“I only wanted to decorate a bloody biscuit! Off to start my own club!! Any suggestions what to call it,” she said.

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