Mum explains why she 'punched her child' during photoshoot

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter
Ms Garcia said she punched her daughter and dragged her through a field after noticing a spider had "taken her for its own". [Photo: Facebook/Megan Garcia]

A mother has recounted her split-second instinct to punch her baby daughter mid-photoshoot.

In a Facebook post, Megan Garcia, 32, explained her reaction to noticing “a massive wolf spider” crawling across her daughter’s chest.

Garcia’s child, along with her 11-year-old sister, were posing for photos in a field in Texas when Ms Garcia spotted the spider.

“It sees me, I see him and we lock eyes, I’m stunned,” she wrote in her post.

“All I can do is stand there making a half scream, half hyperventilating cow noise. And this is it. Fight or flight has kicked in.”

“I ain’t no chicken. So, I come in swinging. Literally. Me and this dude about to fight. I run to my poor precious child that god saw fit to bless me with and punch her right in the chest where that many-legged-demon was now sun bathing sipping a mojito.”

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As the dramatic scene unfolded, Ms Garcia explained her older daughter, Haylee, entered a state of shock, “screaming and crying and running thinking there was a snake”.

She added that instead of picking her baby up “like any normal mother that loves her child would do”, she “grabbed this poor child by her arm and dragged her through this field of flowers”.

“And if that’s not bad enough while I was dragging my poor confused and frightened baby i dropped her twice. Twice!,” she wrote.

The photographer, meanwhile, had no idea what was happening.

Once the chaos had simmered down, Ms Garcia realised several onlookers gazing suspiciously in her direction, “probably calling the cops on me, the baby puncher”.

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After the dramatic punching and dragging, she then thought it might be a suitable time to pick up her crying, muddied baby.

“I have at this point officially ruined the rest of the photo shoot,” she wrote.

“My oldest was done. Her face now streaked with tears and red from youngest was covered in mud and dirt with red marks on her arms from being dragged around like a damn rag doll.”

Despite the obvious comical tone of her post, the mother was forced to edit it to state that neither of her “happy, healthy, loved, cherished” children were injured.

“The fact that I have to add this in is pretty ridiculous. This is an exaggerated story of true events. I did not hurt my daughter. She is just fine,” she said.