Mum shares cheap trick for making own carpet freshener with just two ingredients

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You can make homemade carpet freshener with just two ingredients (Getty)
You can make homemade carpet freshener with just two ingredients (Getty)

A mum has made a cheap homemade version of carpet freshener using just two ingredients.

The Australian woman, only known as Emma, posted to Facebook: “Carpet sprinkle, it’s so expensive!

“I didn’t realise until recently that you can buy big bags of bi-carbonate soda for cheap instead of the little boxes. So I made my own sprinkle.”

Emma then described how she bought a large bag of bicarbonate soda and poured it into a storage container along with some essential oils to give it a fresh scent.

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The way Emma uses her ‘carpet sprinkle’ is by spreading the mixture over the floors and leaving it to settle for an hour or two before vacuuming it up.

The homemade freshener then absorbs any smells and adds a soft fragrance instead.

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“You can use whatever essential oil you prefer (be aware with cats and eucalyptus oil and a few others as they cause reactions),” Emma added.

“I just used a measuring spoon for ease to sprinkle it about. Much cheaper than a container of carpet sprinkle that only usually does me one run.”

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Users were quick to comment about trying the freshener out for themselves, with one adding they mix the bicarbonate soda with lavender oil to help freshen up their mattress.

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