Mum reveals hilarious way she keeps her chaotic house in order with a simple 'chuck it bucket' system

Lauren Clark
A mum has revealed her genius trick for getting the family to help keep their home tidy [Image: Getty]

Keeping the family home tidy can be a challenge at the best of times.

But one mum has come up with a genius solution to encourage her children to help keep their chaotic house in order.

The woman, called Casey, shared her simple trick on Facebook - and all you need is a bucket.

Her easy system sees her throw her kids’ discarded items into it for them to regularly check and tidy away.

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On Facebook, the woman called Casey shared her clever 'chuck it bucket' system [Image: Facebook]

Sharing a picture of the ‘chuck it bucket’, the mum from Australia wrote in felt-tip marker on a label attached to the outside of the container that if she finds toys and other lone items lying around she will “chuck them in the bucket”.

She explained: “[Then], if it remains in the bucket for more than two days I will chuck it in the bin.

“If you have a problem with this, I will chuck you in the bin. Love Mum.”

Alongside the tongue-in-cheek snap on social media, she joked: “Implementing a chuck it bucket as of today.

“Would you consider kids recyclable, or would they go in the general waste bin?”

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Casey revealed that her children had described her new system as “savage”.

“I feel like I could be on to a winner here,” she added.

Her post has proved popular with other mums and garnered more than 2,000 likes.

One parent commented: “I have this exact same system with the exact same baskets ha ha ha I have the large one for my very messy child and a smaller one for my much neater child.”

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A second replied: “I have a version of this and it gives me so much joy.”

Another agreed: “This teaches kids to look after things, it gives them responsibility.”

Others revealed they run a similar system known as a ‘Sunday box’ where items not retrieved by their children by the end of the week will be put in the bin or given to charity.

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