Mum asks if she can skip sister's luxury wedding costing £10k per person because she wants to 'save for a house'

A mum has revealed she's thinking of skipping her sister's pricey nuptials [Image: Getty]
A mum has revealed she's thinking of skipping her sister's pricey nuptials [Image: Getty]

The cost of attending a family wedding can certainly add up.

But one mum is considering skipping her own sister’s Caribbean nuptials because it’s set to cost £10,000 per person.

In a post on Mumsnet titled ‘Am I being unreasonable to decline an invite to my sister's wedding?’, the woman explained that she and her sibling had never been close and now live nowhere near each other.

“She has invited us (me, partner and baby) to her wedding in the Caribbean next year at a cost of around £10,000 per person which is money we just don't have,” the mum wrote.

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“My sister got upset when I told her we wouldn't be able to attend and my parents offered to pay for us to go to appease my sister but I declined the offer as I don't feel comfortable taking that much money from my parents and even if I would take the money from my parents I would rather put it towards a house than a two week holiday.”

The woman suggested that her sister should have chosen somewhere more affordable for her big day, or to have offered to cover part of guests’ costs.

“My sister earns minimum wage but her future husband is a high earner so she lives a life of luxury without having to work for it and I feel like because of this her view of money is distorted and she thinks that everyone can afford the lifestyle that she has,” she explained.

The mum asked her fellow Mumsnet users whether it was acceptable to turn down both her sister’s invitation and her parents’ offer of around £30,000 worth of financial help.

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They didn’t hold back in letting her know she was doing the right thing to decline.

One person wrote: “Hahahaha! She wants you to spend in excess of £20,000 to go to her wedding when you don't see her from one year to the next? No. Not happening.”

Another commented: “Your parents are prepared to fork out £30k for you to attend your sister's wedding?

“I would definitely be having a different conversation with them. Decline the invitation, it's not a summons.”

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A third shared: “Sorry I fainted at £10,000, then fainted again at £10,000 per person.

”You are not being unreasonable, much better ways to spend a small fortune. Her fiancé and your parents must be loaded.”

And a fourth added: “£10k a person!!! Is it a private jet or something?

“I'd go to the wedding if it was in the UK, but I'd not be spending £20k+ attending someone else's wedding regardless of how close I was to them.”

To put the matter even more into perspective, another noted: “I didn't spend £10k on my own wedding!”

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