Mum who bled through 30 pads a day discovers it was down to her having two uteruses

Jade Williams says the bleeding was so intense she would have to wear nappy-sized period pads and two pairs of trousers to avoid leaks.

Credit: SWNS

Video transcript

I had my daughter in 2011.

So 2012, I started bleeding heavily.

Um, I went to a private hospital, um, which removed cancer cells and everything like that.

Um And then from then I was still bleeding, even throughout pregnancies, Um, 20 to 30 pads a day, Just constant.

Had to have leggings on top.

Um, obviously, my normal wear, obviously a lot of cramping clots.

Um, and then I just had enough.

I was taking iron tablets, everything like that.

Uh, so I just had enough, sat at the GP and said, I can't go until this is sorted.

Uh, then got an appointment, Uh, for a scan.

That was eight weeks later, Um, and then I had a biopsy after my scan, and they took a bit of the womb away, cos the thickness was 18, which is normally meant to be about eight or nine.

Um, and they tested it off two days later.

I then got um called from the hospital to say that I needed to go straight in for another biopsy.

Uh, they done their biopsy and said they needed to have an operate to investigate more.

Um, So they did that and then they just as soon as I come around, they said It's one in a million, you know, women, Um that I have got two uterus.

Um, the left hand side has now failed.

Um, so there's not much they can do.

They've been trying to investigate from other women, but obviously it's hard because it's mainly all in the states.

Um, other women have got two uterus that has been found.

Uh, they've had twins and yeah, that's just great.

You know, first, proper summer I can wear, you know, as in what I want without feeling like nervous going out.

I can go swimming with the Children and yeah, the slip puffy.

Just definitely get checked.

You know, too much bleeding is not, you know, not good.

Yeah, anyone that's obviously having the same issues, a lot of bleeding, and it's always best to get checked.