Mum shocked after relative demands she replace £1,800 blouse which her baby vomited over

A mum has been left shocked after her cousin demanded she replace the £2,000 blouse her baby vomited over [Image: Getty]
A mum has been left shocked after her cousin demanded she replace the £2,000 blouse her baby vomited over [Image: Getty]

Babies vomiting is never an ideal experience - but one mum has discovered that her little one’s upset tummy can prove rather costly.

The woman revealed her shock online when her newborn daughter was sick over her cousin’s designer blouse.

To make matters worse the relative, called Alice, was wearing a top worth £1,800 - and demanded the mum pay to replace it.

Sharing the dramatic story to Reddit, the poster asked whether she was right to refuse to cover the cost over the pricey garment since a big row had erupted following the incident.

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The new parent explained how she had held an event for family and friends to meet her little one.

She wrote: “I gave birth four weeks ago, and we decided to have a 'baby ceremony', where everyone gets to meet our lovely daughter Charlotte."

The mum noted that one of those in attendance - her cousin Alice - has "expensive taste", adding: "She's the sort of person who has a minimum price range for how much she spends on clothing.

"She doesn't own anything that isn't designer and has some items of clothing that cost thousands."

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Everything had been going smoothly until Alice was given Charlotte to hold, and the baby proceeded to vomit all over her top.

Her cousin was so upset she ran to her car and started crying over her stained outfit.

The mum wrote: "Alice handed Charlotte back to me and ran off crying, and spent the rest of the event crying in the car."

Despite her apologies, the relative “didn't want to hear any of it” and demanded she cough up to replace it because it was “completely ruined".

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The mum said how she had refused, explaining: “At the end of the day we all know what babies can be like.

"She took a risk wearing something so expensive knowing a baby was nearby and unfortunately it backfired.

"I feel bad for her but it was not my fault."

Some fellow Reddit users rushed to share their sympathies with her for the difficult situation, while others admitted they were on the cousin’s side.

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One person wrote: "My sister's baby threw up on me one day after work.

"She felt so bad and offered to pay for dry cleaning but I said, 'It's my fault, I didn't change after work. I'm sure it'll come out'.

"I continued to hold the baby but grabbed a spit rag just in case.

"I learned my lesson but didn't blame the mum or the baby. It was my mistake for not changing."

However, another commented: “Someone who hasn't been around children wouldn't know how much babies puke.

"You should have warned her about what could happen.

"In the end if your child ruins something it's up to you to pay for it even if it's not directly your fault."

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