Mum and baby have matching heart-shaped birthmarks

Mum and baby with birthmark
[Photo: Caters]

When a child is born, there are certain physical similarities to their parents that we look for first: Their eyes, their ears, their mouth.

But one mother and daughter from Manchester have one particularly striking thing in common – the same heart-shaped birth mark.

Lois Whitehead, 26, has the distinctive strawberry birthmark on her right arm.

Baby with birthmark
[Photo: Caters]

And when her daughter, Heidi, was born in May, Whitehead noticed a faint mark on her baby’s left arm.

But over time, the faint mark darkened and changed shape and now matches her mother’s perfectly.

Whitehead told Mail Online: “I’ve always had people commenting on mine saying how lovely it is because of the shape.

“Whilst pregnant with Heidi, I said to people: ‘Imagine if the baby had my birthmark too’.

Baby with birthmark
[Photo: Caters]

“When she was first born my mum thought it was blood on her arm.

“It was only the next day we realised it was a birthmark and gradually over time it has become red and heart shaped just like mine.”

And Whitehead’s husband Dan, also 26, is (unsurprisingly) a little bit jealous:

Baby with birthmark
[Photo: Caters]

“It’s amazing, I always thought Lois’ was cool but for my daughter to have it too is amazing. I’m quite jealous I’ve not got one,” he said.

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