This three-year-old is very proud of himself for covering his kitchen in carrots

Toddler with carrots
[Photo: Twitter/madddiiison]

It’s a situation most parents will be familiar with: Something from your chopping board disappears, and you dread to think what mess your little one has created with it.

So when Samson Olive was peeling carrots with his son Patimiosi on Thursday, but the carrots kept disappearing, the dad suspected something was up.

And lo and behold, he turned around – and there were carrots everywhere.

Balanced perfectly on the handle of each kitchen drawer, Patimiosi’s creation was clearly nothing short of art, so Samson posted it on his Facebook page.

Which was then tweeted by his cousin, which has now gained more than 10,000 retweets and 20,000 likes.

“We were getting ready to make a roast, and we’re working on peeling the carrots, and they started slowly disappearing,” Osi’s dad, Samson Olive, told BuzzFeed News.

And when his parents realised what he’d done, “all Osi could do was jump up and down and scream, ‘Yay,'” Samson said.

“Obviously, he was pretty excited about it,” he added.

And the internet certainly approves of Osi’s work too.

“I see a career in design,” one tweeter commented.

While another said: “He made them look so nice. See that look of triumph and accomplishment on his face. He’s a champion.”

Keep doing what you do, Osi.

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