MTV star's tragic cause of death revealed by grieving family

Sarah Becker
-Credit: (Image: FB/Sarah Becker)

The family of MTV's Real World star Sarah Becker have confirmed she has died by suicide - she was 52.

The reality TV star reportedly died early last week at her home in Illinois. Sarah had been caring for her unwell mother and sister in California, then she suffered a skateboarding accident, all of which took a toll on her mental wellbeing.

Sarah was a star of Real World: Miami, an American Reality television series which she appeared in back in 1996. In the show, a group of stranges audition live together for several months with cameras recording their interpersonal relationships.

Sarah lived with housemates Dan Renzi, Melissa Padrón, Joe Patane, Cynthia Roberts, Flora Alekseyeun and Mike Lambert.

Sarah Becker
Sarah appeared in Real World when she was 25 -Credit:MTV

During their season, the housemates were also given a task, to create a startup business with the help of $50,000, but they were unable to complete it.

Sarah was only 25 at the time, and a memorable moment came when in the 13th episode of season five she brought a puppy, called Leroy, back to the house.

The year after she left the show, Sarah opened up about her time starring on The Real World with the Chicago Tribune. At the time she said of the experience, Sarah said: "For me, The Real World was a six-month long vacation, I knew from the get-go that it couldn’t be a steppingstone to bigger and better things.

She confessed her stint on reality TV wasn't going to help achieve her dream. She added: “I want my own magazine some day, and I don’t think Sarah from The Real World is going to have anything to do with that.”

The Real World
Sarah starred in The Real World in 1996 -Credit:MTV

During the interview, Sarah made a confession to not liking being a part on reality television and that she hoped upon leaving that she would be able to hide her identity. She said: “I kind of liked being anonymous. Now I go into a place and people recognize me and say, 'Hey, Real World girl!’ So when I go out I sometimes wear a hood.”

Sarah will be missed by her family and friends with one commenting on her social media: "Sarah Becker was made of pure sunshine… Full of energy and positivity, you couldn’t help but feel her warmth standing in her presence. I am grateful for our adventures and laughs. Big hugs to all the Wildstorm fam!”

Another wrote: “I just found out that one on the nicest people that have ever been put in my life, especially during my impressionable ages in my life has passed away. Every time I thought of her I would always see her smile, and bubbly personality. You were loved and will be missed."

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