Mother writes hilarious letter to husband on why she doesn't want to be touched

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Being a mum is one of the toughest jobs in the world - and sometimes husbands just don’t get it.

One mum of toddlers is being praised by mothers on social media after she penned a hilariously honest letter to her husband, explaining exactly why she is not in the mood for “sexy time” once the kids are finally in bed.

After rejecting her husband’s advances after a long day of being a mum, Laura Mazza wrote on her Facebook page, Mum on the Run, “Dear husband, This is why your wife doesn’t want to be touched in bed tonight…” and proceeded to list the various reasons why there is no way they are having sex that night.

Meant as a guide for husbands everywhere, Mazza explained she did not want her husband to touch her that night because “she was touched excessively by young people who have seriously sticky fingers. Even her eyeballs were touched today.”

“Because today she spent about an hour arguing with the toddler how she gave him the EXACT cup he asked for, and she never promised nor do they even own a Santa cup.”

“Because she woke up early and she worked today, and caught a train with a guy who smeared his armpit juice in her face… and her boss rode her ass, and not in the way you were hoping you would tonight.”

“Because she finally had time to herself and tried to shave her legs and her hoohaa but instead was interrupted by a toddler who wanted to come in the bath, who wanted to pee, who wanted to know where daddy was because daddy is better and I love daddy and not you….”

Ending the letter, Mazza promises her husband her “half shaved legs and chachki are going to bed and they will see you around 6am or 7am when she’s had a rest and is ready to roar again… That is, of course, unless the children wake overnight.”

Because if they do, “then you can assume tomorrow is a no too.”

Mum on the Run explains all the reasons she doesn't want
Mum on the Run explains all the reasons she doesn't want

The post has resonated with other mums on Facebook who understand exactly how Mazza feels.

Ashley Osborne commented, “Truths... all of it... you are not alone…”

Jamila Dautovic commented, “I swear laura, it’s like you are in my head. Exactly how I feel and my life on point.”

Jennifer Sampson said, “I tell my man all of this… lol… tomorrow, always tomorrow”

And Jing Lin Chien commented, “And when you do get touched you get preggo so this cycle starts all over again!”