15 most popular autumn inspired baby names as searches surge by 6100%

Autumn baby names are seeing a surge in popularity. (Getty Images)
Autumn baby names are seeing a surge in popularity. (Getty Images)

There is nothing more comforting than the autumn season. From leaves turning golden, to bringing out your blankets once again, turning on a Gilmore Girls rerun and sipping on hot chocolates, there’s a lot to love.

So, it’s no surprise that autumn baby names have seen a surge in popularity.

In fact, new insights from Your Baby Club found that Google searches for autumn baby names has risen by 6100% in the past month alone, and that videos with the #fallbabynames hashtag on TikTok has accumulated over 329 thousand views.

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If you happen to be expecting a little one this autumn and want a name that reflects their birthday season, an autumn or fall baby name could be the perfect choice. Here are the most popular options.

1. Maple

Meaning: Piece of cloth.

According to Your Baby Club, the name Maple began to gain popularity in the 20th century and has English origins but has connotations with the Canadian maple tree leaf.

2. Autumn

Meaning: The autumn season.

The most popular season name, Autumn originates from the Latin word for Fall and represents the time period between summer and winter. What’s a more fitting autumnal name than the season itself?

3. Hazel

Meaning: The hazelnut tree.

Hazel has English origins as the name is derived from the hazelnut tree that changes colours in the autumn. Actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have a daughter names Hazel as does Julia Roberts.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 26: (L-R) Emily Blunt and John Krasinski attend the 29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza on February 26, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have a daughter called Hazel. (Getty Images)

4. Forrest

Meaning: Dweller near woods.

Traditionally a boy’s name, Forrest has French and English origins and essentially means someone who lives in the woods. Sounds pretty autumnal to me.

5. Rowan

Meaning: Rowan tree or little redhead.

A unisex name, Rowan has both Scottish and Irish origins and comes from the name Ruadhán which means ‘red hair’.

6. Hunter

Meaning: One who hunts.

A girl and boy’s name, Your Baby Club says Hunter is a woodsy outdoors name with English origins. “The name Hunter traditionally signifies a free-spirited individual who loves adventure and being at one with nature,” it adds.

7. Bryn

Meaning: Hill.

A name with Welsh origins, Bryn means ‘hill’ and can often be spelt with a second ‘n’ for girls.

baby with autumn leaves
Searches for autumn baby names have seen a 6100% rise. (Getty Images)

8. Acer

Meaning: Maple.

If you love the name Maple but you’re after something a little different for a boy, then Acer could be the perfect choice as it’s the Latin botanical name for the Maple tree.

9. Phoenix

Meaning: Dark red.

A unisex name of Greek origin, Phoenix means ‘dark red’, a colour typically associated with the changing seasons.

10. Saffron

Meaning: Yellow flower.

A name with English origins, the Saffron Crocus plant - also known as Autumn Crocus - blooms during the autumn season.

11. Russell

Meaning: Red haired.

Russell comes from the French word ‘russel’ which means ‘red haired’, a hue generally associated with autumn.

12. Amber

Meaning: Jewel or amber coloured.

The falling leaves of autumn are often amber-hued, so this moniker could be the perfect choice for a fall baby.

13. Aspen

Meaning: Aspen tree.

For something a bit more unique, look to the aspen tree which is native to the US and goes a beautiful gold colour in autumn. This can be a girl or a boy’s name.

aspen tree
The aspen tree goes golden in autumn. (Getty Images)

14. Bowie

Meaning: Blonde.

Besides the obvious David Bowie connotations, the name Bowie actually has Scottish origins and means ‘blonde’, which could be a reference to the changing hues of autumn leaves.

15. Zarina

Meaning: Golden.

Originating from the Persian word Zarin which means ‘golden’, Zarina is ideal for babies born during the autumn months.

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