The names you should call your children if you want them to be 'financially successful', according to study

Children with these names are likely to be more successful. (Getty Images)
Children with these names are likely to be more successful. (Getty Images)

If you want your children to grow up to be financially successful, you might consider naming them Andrew or Anna.

According to new research, these names will set your children on the path to financial wealth.

Other names likely to bestow riches on your children in the future include Sam and Christopher for a boy and Laura and Maria for girls.

If it’s financially savvy you’re looking for, you might want to avoid names like Ali, Rob and Dan for boys and Karen, Claire and Lisa for girls.

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The research was shared by investment platform, eToro, which analysed 12 million users to find out who has made the best and worst financial investments over the past 12 months.

Perhaps you’ve already had your baby and are wondering how your chosen name matches up?

In 2019, Oliver reigned supreme as the most popular boy’s name of the year.

In 2015, the name made it into the top ten for investment returns but has since failed to make the grade.

Similarly, Olivia for a girl was the UK’s most-used girl’s name of 2019 and women with the name Olivia made the best returns of any name in 2019, too.

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Managing director of eToro UK, Iqbal V. Gandham, said: "William Shakespeare once wrote ‘what’s in a name?’. Quite a lot, it seems, if you want your children to grow up to be financially savvy and secure.

“A name is not just something you use to distinguish yourself from others, it also affects the way others see you.

“There has been a raft of research done over the years showing a very strong link between what you call your child and their future success.

“So, it could quite literally pay dividends so take your time when choosing.”

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If we take a look at the research dating back through the years, there are some names that have appeared on the list on multiple occasions.

The likes of Matt and Graham seem like pretty solid baby name choices if you’re hoping for your baby to grow up wealthy.

The name Ali, which could be a girls or boys name, doesn’t fair so well and regularly features nearer the bottom.

In 2012, a study by the University of Melbourne, the University of Leuven and New York University found that people with easy-to-pronounce names tended to hold more senior positions in work.

That might explain why many of the top names are relatively short with a maximum of two syllables.