Pineapple Jaffa Cakes have hit supermarket shelves - would you try them?

McVitie's has put a twist on the original orange Jaffa Cake (pictured here)

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Is it a cake or is it a biscuit? Regardless, Mcvitie’s have launched a new limited edition Jaffa Cake flavour - and it’s pineapple.

The tropical treat accompanies the traditional orange version, as well as the formerly limited edition flavours - strawberry, and lemon and lime - which have now become permanent.

The new tropical Jaffa Cakes are available in packs of 10, and currently sold for £1 at Morrisons supermarkets and online.

While they look just like the original version, the classic orange-flavoured jelly filling is replaced with pineapple.

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It's a tropical twist on the chocolate orange classic! (Photo: Mcvitie's)

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Each biscuit-cake has only 46 calories, so they’re the perfect guilt-free treat.

A post on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group revealed the discovery of the new Mcvitie’s addition.

Group member Joe wrote: “This is not a drill... NEW Pineapple Jaffa Cakes in Morrisons, Ormskirk.”

“Was unsure about these [at] first but after the first bite I've managed to demolish the whole pack... Let's just say they're pretty tasty 🤪”

Currently his post has received more than 1000 likes and comments, with fellow bargain hunters expressing both excitement and dismay about the new addition.

The new flavour is also available as a Cake Sponge Roll (Photo: Mcvitie's)

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One person said: ‘These sound disgusting.’

Another wrote: ‘Had them and they are gorgeous.

Someone else commented: ‘Jaffa cakes can ONLY be orange… or they wouldn’t be called Jaffa….. nope nope nope,’ one comment said.

The new tropical flavour is also available as a cake bar version at Tesco supermarkets and online.

The Jaffa Cake Pineapple Cake Bars come in a pack of five and originally cost £1.45, but are now on offer for the bargain price of £0.65.