This Morning's Michelle Elman reveals 'kind' dating scene - 'There are good people out there'

This Morning star Michelle Elman has opened up about downloading dating apps after revealing that she'd split from her fiancé after just 24 hours when she discovered that he'd been cheating on her.

The author took to social media last month to share the life update with her fans as she opened up about what she’d been dealing with as she told her followers: “All this f*****g sucks, I was engaged for 24 hours”.

She continued: “I don't know how to make this video so I'm just going to get into it. The last you heard from me I was engaged and I'm not anymore.”

Michelle Elman
Michelle Elman has opened up about dating after discovering her ex-partner's infidelity -Credit:Jeff Spicer/BAFTA/Getty Images for BAFTA

And now, Michelle has opened up about her decision to share her story online and why going on dates has helped remind her that “good people” are out there.

Speaking to OK! at the BAFTA TV Awards on Sunday, 12 May, Michelle explained the reasoning behind her decision to go public with her story. “I think it's the way I've always done things. I've always been open and honest with things that I talk about, like social media being a highlight reel,” she said.

The TV star also explained how she hoped to show other people who may have gone through similar situations that they still “deserve love” and are still “worthy”.

Michelle Elman
Michelle wants to show others that they still "deserve love" -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

“I hate how much my story has resonated because it means it’s happening to other women out there. But if I can be anything, I want to be an example of holding your head high and knowing that you still deserve love, you still are worthy and you didn’t do anything to deserve it.

“No matter where your relationship was or at what stage, they could’ve made a million different choices than the decision they made and it's just what you do that you can own,” she added.

Since sharing her story online, Michelle has been open about going on dates but has faced a mixed response from people who think that it may be ‘too soon’ to move on - though she tells us that dating has allowed her to meet some “amazing humans”.

Michelle revealed that she discovered her partner's infidelity 24 hours after getting engaged
Michelle revealed that she discovered her partner's infidelity 24 hours after getting engaged -Credit:Instagram / michellelelman

“The people who I have been on dates with have been kind and compassionate. It’s been a light hearted way to actually get out and meet new people. Ultimately I always loved being single, and for me being in a relationship was a sacrifice and I was giving up my joy of being single in order to be with a person who in my eyes was worth it and is not worth it any more, so why am I preventing myself the opportunity of moving on?

“And so I went on dating apps for a bit of fun and to get to know new people and it's been really reassuring and it’s reminded me of how amazing humans are and that most people are kind and generous,” she says.