This is how much you could save in a lifetime by swapping from tampons to a menstrual cup

Swapping tampons for a menstrual cup could save you hundreds of pounds over the years
Swapping tampons for a menstrual cup could save you hundreds of pounds over the years

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This week it was announced that girls in schools across England and Wales will be given free menstrual products in a move to end period poverty.

It has previously been revealed that a monthly bleed costs the average woman £18,000 in a lifetime.

However, experts believe that by making one simple change to the menstrual products you use, you can bring costs related to your cycle right down.

Indeed, swapping tampons and pads for a menstrual cup - or Mooncup, which is perhaps the best known brand in the UK - could save you hundreds of pounds over the years.

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According to the Women’s Environmental Network, the average woman uses 11,000 disposable menstrual products in a lifetime.

While the number of tampons or pads used will vary per woman, depending on how heavy her period is, how long it lasts and how frequently it comes, the costs will certainly add up.

Metro estimated that if you use Tampax Pearl 18-pack of tampons, this can add up to £1,760 over the years.

They also calculated that opting for Always Platinum With Wings sanitary pads could mean you end up forking out £2,090.

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In contrast, using a menstrual cup runs these figures right down because they can be re-used for dozens of periods.

They need to be replaced every two years or so - meaning that if you have a period for 40 years you’ll get through around 20.

If you bought one for £8.99 - like this one from Amazon - your lifetime total will come in at just £180.

This would be a considerable saving of £1,580 on tampons and £1,910 on sanitary pads.

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As well as helping your bank balance, menstrual cups are also very environmentally friendly.

In addition to Mooncup, common brands include Intimina, Athena Cup and Organicup.

Most come in two sizes - one for those below 30 years old who haven’t had children, and another for those who are over 30 or women of any age who have given birth to children vaginally.

According to a study published in the journal Lancet Public Health, they are “as reliable as other sanitary protection”.

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Researchers compared the effectiveness of different sanitary products.

The results revealed that levels of leaks were similar between menstrual cups, pads and tampons - but one study found that leakage among the former was significantly less.

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