Reusable period pants to swap for tampons and pads

These reusable options feel just like normal underwear. [Photo: Sainsbury's]
These reusable options feel just like normal underwear. [Photo: Sainsbury's]

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You might be under the misconception that period underwear is like an adult nappy - bulky, unflattering and just not for you.

Period pants have come a long way, though, and the selection available now is pretty great. In fact, many of them feel less bulkier than pads.

Not only do they look just like normal underwear, they’re a lot better for the environment. Women’s menstural products produce a lot of waste every year and these offer a more sustainable alternative.

The only difference you’ll feel when giving these a go is a thin protective layer which stops blood from seeping through.

Many people think that period pants aren’t for them, mainly because they have a heavy flow. Brands are starting to wake up to this reality now and many offer options for every situation - from workout to nighttime.

We’ve handpicked the best period underwear available on the market based on popularity, versatility and comfort.

From the Thinx range (which is arguably the most popular) Sainsbury’s new versatile LOVE LUNA range, you won’t be short of options.

LOVE LUNA Lady Leaks Workout Pants from Sainsbury’s | £12

One of the only workout specific briefs on the market with an extra protective layer.

Thinx Hip Hugger Period-Proof Brief from John Lewis | £32

One of the first period underwear brands on the market, Thinx is this popular for good reason.

Flux Undies Period Proof Underwear from Holland & Barrett | £27.99

Flux holds up to four tampons worth, perfect for a busy day on-the-go.

Modibody Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini | £20

These discreet bikini-style briefs are popular brands in the US, known for their soft cotton.

Anigan StainFree Period Panty 2 Pack from Amazon | £29.95

This two-pack offers a discreet style and value for money. Available in a range of different colours.

Thinx High Waisted Period-Proof Brief from John Lewis | £35

Perfect for nights out - or if you’re feeling particularly bloated.

Hesta Women's Organic Cotton Period Underwear from Amazon | £30.44

Simple and seriously effective. They’re available in a range of colours and are completely organic.

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