Model 'determined' to look like Kim Kardashian spends £140,000 on surgery

Jennifer Pamplona
Jennifer Pamplona says she’ll “keep fighting” to have a body like Kim’s [Photo: Caters]

A former model won’t stop at anything to look exactly like Kim Kardashian – including going against doctors’ advice.

24-year-old Jennifer Pamplona from Brazil has already spent $180,000 (£140,000) on surgery, but has plans to inject more fat into her bottom.

Having already spent $80,000 (£60,000) on her bum alone, Pamplona has already had several injections to make her figure more hourglass, but is planning to “get to” a 700ml injection.

Pamplona’s plastic surgery procedures began from a young age, having had her first boob job at 17 and later having cheek fillers, liposuction, a rhinoplasty and even removing four of her ribs.

Jennifer Pamplona
Pamplona had her first cosmetic surgery at 17 years old [Photo: Caters]

Surgeons are now warning her not to go through with further procedures to make herself look like Kim as she is “too small”, but she’s determined to continue.

She told Mail Online: “I fell in love with surgery a long time ago, but after seeing Kim Kardashian, I wanted to look like and have curves like her.

“Now I’m determined to get a larger butt than her. Everyone tells me I don’t need to put any more in, but in my mind, I need to do it because surgery helps my self-esteem a lot.

“I decided I didn’t like how I looked and I wanted curves, so I stated with surgery at 17-years-old, starting with my first boob job and it’s continued from there.

Jennifer Pamplona
Pamplona recovering from rhinoplasty [Photo: Caters]

“I used to be bullied quite a lot in high school because I was so skinny and not as curvy as other Brazilians.”

Having had 500ml injected into her bum so far, she says that despite medical advice warning her not too, she’s “determined” to get to 700ml.

“Surgeons have said it’s not possible, they think I’m too exaggerated and that I don’t need any more fat injected but I’m determined to make it happen,” she said.

“They tell my body type is too small to be like Kim Kardashian but I’ll keep fighting doctors to get it looking like hers.

“Now I get told that I have lips like Kylie Jenner and that I’m getting close to having a butt like Kim Kardashian.”

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