Mischa Barton eager to share her own 'perspective' in new docuseries

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Former The O.C. star Mischa Barton is planning her own tell-all TV series after drawing inspiration from the recent Britney Spears documentary.

The actress, who was just 17 when she was cast in the hit U.S. series which aired from 2003 to 2007, struggled to cope with the enormous attention that came with being one of the show's young stars, noting it was "almost out of control".

And when she watched the New York Times-produced programme about the Toxic hitmaker, Framing Britney Spears, which details the pop superstar's battles with fame and media attention, as well as her conservatorship, Mischa could really identify.

"I think a lot of people deserve apologies for the things that were done to them at that time," the former The Hills: New Beginnings castmember tells The Guardian.

"The Britney doc really got to me. Watching that was very strange because I was in all the same places (in Los Angeles)."

Like Britney, Mischa was often chased by the paparazzi, but she thinks today's young celebrities experience slightly less "danger" when photographers try to take a picture.

"Certainly, you couldn't get away with it (harassing stars) today to the same extent, not the same kind of danger," she adds.

Now she's determined to show fans and Hollywood insiders that she's not the troubled talent she has sometimes been labelled as, after past reports of suicide attempts, parental estrangement, and even a revenge porn drama.

"Yeah..., it's probably one of the main reasons why I think I'm going to do a docuseries," she insists, "finally from my perspective."

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