Mira Sorvino's late dad Paul passed down the acting torch to her

Mira Sorvino shares how her dad prepared her for acting career credit:Bang Showbiz
Mira Sorvino shares how her dad prepared her for acting career credit:Bang Showbiz

Mira Sorvino says she learned the “craft” of acting from her late father Paul Sorvino.

The ‘Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion’ star revealed the ‘Goodfellas’ star - who passed away in July 2022 aged 83 - would “ break down” her acting in school productions and it made her into the star she is today.

The 54-year-old actress told Closer US’ ‘My Life in 10 Pictures’ featurette that her father would “break down my performance and tear them apart,” before saying “but I learned my craft from him.”

Mira shared that making her father “proud” was “integral” to their dynamic and he was her “hero”.

She said: “Making him proud was such an integral part of our relationship, and it was a special passing of the torch. I always felt there was something honourable to his life - to show humility in a clear, truthful way and move people. He was my hero.”

The ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ star admitted she felt “terrible mixed feelings” about getting the Academy Award for the role created by director Woody Allen, who has faced child abuse allegations since the 90s from his now-estranged daughter Dylan Farrow.

Mira said: “I’m very grateful for the Oscar. But, you know, it’s that mixed, that terrible mixed feeling.”

The ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ star attributed the Ryan Murphy-created miniseries - that saw Beanie Feldestein portray Monica Lewinkski, who was the victim of press hounding after her affair with President Bill Clinton in the 90s - to restarting her career, labelling it a “blessing” after she claims she was “blacklisted” by disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein after she declined his sexual advances.

Mira said: “I do have a career resurgence, which feels like a blessing. I love acting, and I get to do it again at the high level I was before I was blacklisted, I feel lucky. I feel fortunate. I feel grateful.”