Millennial holidaymakers require sunset views and business class flights for Instagram likes

Millennials are willing to fork out money they don't have for an Instagram-perfect holiday [Photo: Getty]
Millennials are willing to fork out money they don't have for an Instagram-perfect holiday [Photo: Getty]

Infinity pools, sunset views and a business class flight is what British millennials look for when booking a holiday, new research reveals.

According to a study conducted by M&S Bank, the ‘hashtag holiday generation’ is willing to spend an extra £1,705 per trip in order to create the most Instagram-worthy break possible.

To demonstrate this, a quarter of millennials admitted to only choosing destinations which will provide the perfect backdrop for social media posts.

In a rather telling comparison, only 6% of over-50s surveyed agreed.

But keeping up appearances online comes at a high price, as one in ten have dug into their purse for business class flights - with bottles of bubbly and the classic view-from-the window needed for the ‘money shot’.

Drawing in likes is hard work though, as the study of 2,000 Brits uncovered a list of 30 ‘must-haves’ millennials require for the perfect getaway.

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In at number one is beautiful scenery (37%) closely followed by the need for a white sandy beach (35%) and a balcony with a sea view (32%).

Though it isn’t merely the surroundings which need to be fit for the grid, as millennials need to update their followers on their cultural knowledge.

Historic ruins for instance are a must for 22% of tourists alongside temples (16%), a artisan delicacies (18%) and bustling street markets (16%).

Though keeping their followers up to date proves tough work, as millennials reportedly send two hours a day on holiday editing social media captions, taking photographs and posting videos.

Paris is one of the most popular holiday locations for British millennials [Photo: Getty]
Paris is one of the most popular holiday locations for British millennials [Photo: Getty]

It’s important for around 22% of Brits to keep their Instagram Stories going strong over the course of their holiday with 30% confessing to spending hours every evening editing and posting the best photographs from the day.

In the run-up to the holiday, millennials will spend up to three days scouring the Internet for travel inspiration with 30% of holidaymakers looking to bloggers for help.

A further 17% use location tags on Instagram to see how fellow users got ‘the shot’ with 12% looking to reality television shows.

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So where are millennial holidaymakers jetting off to?

According to findings, New York is the number one must-see spot for Brits (39%) closely followed by the Bahamas (29%), the Maldives (29%) and Paris (26%).

“Our research has confirmed that social media is having an undeniable impact on how we plan, budget and experience our holidays today, from where we go, to what we do when we get there, the ‘hashtag holiday’ is more prevalent than ever before,” Liam O’Hara, Head of Network and Bureaux at M&S Bank, said.

The top 30 holiday must-haves for millennials:

  1. Beautiful scenery - 37%

  2. A white sandy beach - 35%

  3. Balcony with a sea view - 32%

  4. The perfect sunset - 32%

  5. Crystal clear waters - 30%

  6. Palm trees - 26%

  7. Great cocktails - 26%

  8. Iconic landmarks - 25%

  9. Exotic marine life such as dolphins - 24%

  10. Historic ruins - 22%

  11. An infinity pool - 21%

  12. A vibrant local culture - 21%

  13. A coral reef - 19%

  14. Local artisan delicacies - 18%

  15. Glamorous bars - 18%

  16. A spa - 17%

  17. Temples - 16%

  18. Bustling street markets - 16%

  19. A hammock - 14%

  20. Volcanos - 14%

  21. A clifftop - 13%

  22. Mocktails - 12%

  23. An extreme experience such as a bungee jump - 12%

  24. A boutique hotel (no chains allowed) - 11%

  25. A gym - 11%

  26. Great seafood - 11%

  27. Designer shops - 10%

  28. A business class flight - 9%

  29. Michelin star restaurants - 8%

  30. A yoga retreat - 8%

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