Millennials admit they're 'scared' to answer the doorbell in hilarious Twitter thread

Are you secretly terrified of answering the door? [Photo: Getty]
Are you secretly terrified of answering the door? [Photo: Getty]

Calling all millennials, have you ever secretly ducked beneath the kitchen table when the doorbell rings? Or perhaps hidden behind the door until the suspect person, bound to be the ASOS delivery man, is finally out of sight?

A Twitter thread has revealed that Generation Y has developed an unexplained fear of answering the doorbell.

One social media user took to the platform to write the thought-provoking question, “Can someone write an article on millennials killing the doorbell industry by texting ‘here’?”.

The simple tweet struck a chord with millennials far and wide, amassing over 389,000 likes within a sheer matter of hours.

But why does the younger generation jump in fear when their flat echoes with the distinct buzz of the delivery man?

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One joked that ringing the doorbell has become an outdated tradition, as they likened it to a voice call either from “an elderly relative or some kind of scam.”

Another Twitter user agreed, adding: “Even just walking up to the door and knocking has been replaced with a text saying ‘here’.”

Others explained that the unanticipated ring of their doorbell feels “aggressive” with one dubbing theirs an “anxiety button”.

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“If I’m not expecting someone, I don’t even answer the door,” one social media user explained. “I will look through the peephole very quietly and decide if I’m going to answer based on who’s on the other side of the door. Most of the time it’s just a package being left at my front door.”

For some millennials, texting “here” in advance has become common courtesy with the hope that the person they’re dropping in to visit will be ready ahead of time.

While some simply prefer not to alert their family dog, as one wrote: “My baby takes like 10 minutes to calm down after a doorbell, I know the craziness I’d never wish that on anyone else.”

Meanwhile, another believes it’s simply down to the fear of not knowing who lurks behind the door, as they commented: “I mean we’re so distrustful of anyone ringing our doorbell that we created a doorbell camera because clearly anyone actually ringing the doorbell is a literal psychopath!”

Though it’s not just millennials who are admittedly afraid of their own doorbell being rung, as one social media user admitted that they’re also likely to hide in the comfort of their own home until the said person leaves the premises.

The question is, are you guilty of ignoring the doorbell?

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