Miley Cyrus says she and Beyoncé text about their mothers

Miley Cyrus admits she and Beyonce text about their mothers  (Getty)
Miley Cyrus admits she and Beyonce text about their mothers (Getty)

Miley Cyrus has opened up about the bond she and Beyoncé share.

In conversation with W Magazine as the 2024 “Pop Issue” cover star, the “Flowers” singer discussed her very public and semi-private life, disclosing details her fans don’t know, like the extent of her friendship with the Renaissance creator.

Earlier this year, the pair collaborated on the song “II Most Wanted” for Beyoncé’s new album, Cowboy Carter. Yet, their connection existed long before their duet was released. According to Cyrus, communicating with the 42-year-old singer has been a part of her daily routine for some time.

“Sometimes I forget to talk about things that are a ­normal part of my day-to-day, like texting with Beyoncé,” she told W Magazine. “I think it’s a really cute part of our relationship, because over the past couple of years I’ve really locked down on my privacy and on what I share with the public. She’s the same way.”

Sharing the same boundaries has provided the two music icons a sense of safety. “Part of our relationship is the safety between us. The songwriting or the work is just a small part of my relationship with her - or with Dolly [Parton], or with anyone.

“Our personas have a relationship, but then we have a relationship. And I love that,” Cyrus added.

More than that, Cyrus and Beyoncé have a similar relationship with their mothers. In fact, their moms – Tish Cyrus and Tina Knowles – are a hot topic in their texting stream.

The Hannah Montana lead admitted: “One of the things that we text about is our relationships with our mothers. Like her mom, Ms Tina, my mom is also an MT: Mama Tish.

“A lot of people call her Mom, in the way that Ms Tina is almost not just a mother to Beyoncé, but to Beyoncé’s fans as well. Both of us grew up, in our own way, with moms who were everything,” Cyrus continued.

Cyrus reminisced on the first time she and Beyoncé performed together. The Disney Channel alum was only 14 years old at the time. Cyrus, Beyoncé, and Rihanna all performed for the “Stand Up to Cancer” benefit.

Beyonce and Miley Cyrus perform in 2008 (Getty Images)
Beyonce and Miley Cyrus perform in 2008 (Getty Images)

“They were these powerful, fully realized, grown women, and I’m pretty sure I had braces on the back of my teeth. They were protective of me,” Cyrus remembered.

From then on, the 31-year-old actress’ relationship with Beyoncé blossomed. “That Christmas, Beyoncé sent me a House of Deréon jacket that said Miley on the back in gold studs, which is my favorite, and some jeans with my name on it,” Cyrus noted.