Men are getting penis fillers and experts have concerns

Men are getting penis fillers, but experts have concerns [Photo: Getty]
Men are getting penis fillers, but experts have concerns [Photo: Getty]

Men are being warned about the dangers of ‘penis fillers’ because of the risk of complications.

The procedure is thought to be becoming more popular among men concerned about the size of their manhood.

Two cosmetic surgery groups for male sexual health in the UK told BBC that they have seen an increase in enquiries for penis fillers.

Moorgate Aesthetics and Androfill revealed to the Victoria Derbyshire programme that three years ago they were getting fewer than 10 enquiries a month.

But the groups are now seeing around 700 enquiries between them while more than 130 procedures per month are carried out.

What are penis fillers?

Penis fillers are used to increase the girth of the penis and involve injecting hyaluronic acid, or other liquids, into the soft tissue under the skin of the shaft.

The non-surgical procedure takes a few hours and the effects last for around 18 months.

But the down-there enhancement doesn’t come cheap, with each session costing around £3,000.

Possible complications

And now experts are warning men about the dangers of the procedure because of the complications that men undergoing the treatment could experience.

Treatments like penis fillers also have little regulation.

Experts are warning over potential side effects of penis fillers [Photo: Getty]
Experts are warning over potential side effects of penis fillers [Photo: Getty]

Mr Asif Muneer, from the British Association of Urological Surgeons, told BBC he would “discourage” people from having them.

“All these augmentation procedures are mainly to increase your flaccid girth, and it will have no benefit on your erect length – so functionally it’s not going to improve matters,” he said.

“If anything, it might lead to complications that will impair their sexual function later on.”

Aesthetic and cosmetic doctor Dr Ross Perry who owns skin clinics chain Cosmedics echoes Mr Muneers concerns, warning that the procedure can lead to some pretty serious side effects such as painful bruising, swelling and potentially infection and scarring.

“Another potential side effect is erectile dysfunction due to blood vessel blockage,” he warns.

As a doctor who specialises in fillers sensitively done, he has been approached by various male clients to do this procedure, which he refuses on the grounds that “it is a very high risk procedure.”

“It is also very difficult to meet patients expectations with it,” he continues explaining that the procedure only helps with girth and width.

Dr Perry wants to warn anyone thinking of getting penis fillers to think twice as the procedure could do more harm than good and instead of enhancing your sex life, it could halt it altogether!

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