Melania Trump gets ridiculed for White House Christmas decorations for a second year running

Melania Trump is being ridiculed for her latest Christmas decorations. [Photo: Getty]
Melania Trump is being ridiculed for her latest Christmas decorations. [Photo: Getty]

Melania Trump posted pictures of the White House Christmas decorations on her social media accounts last night, but she was soon met with ridicule.

The First Lady, who is married to Donald Trump, President of the USA, is pictured walking through the red Christmas trees, and people on Twitter are comparing the scene to everything from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale to ground meat’.

Someone even managed to Photoshop white bonnets on top of the trees to match the distinctive ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ costumes.

Running with the television series themes, others said Melania’s decorations looked like the Upside Down, an alternate dimension imagined in Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’.

Others compared Melania in the pictures to Cersei Lannister, the cruel Queen Mother in Game of Thrones.

Another posted a meme depicting a sea of blood spilling through a corridor, poking fun at the blood-red hue of the trees.

The tradition of First Lady decorating the White House for Christmas dates back to First Lady Lou Henry Hoover, who put up the the first official White House Christmas tree in 1929.

However, Melania’s efforts to continue the tradition have historically been met with ridicule.

Her Christmas 2017 decorations were widely mocked on the internet, inviting comparisons to Voldemort’s home.

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