The 'Fake Melania' theory is back in a big way

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Online users everywhere are convinced that fake Melania is back in the building. Photo: Getty Images

Everyone’s favourite conspiracy theory has reared its head once again after First Lady Melania Trump (allegedly) made an appearance in Normandy, France by her husband’s side.

Or so they would have you believe...

Online theorists are arguing that the woman by President Trump’s side is about as much Melania Trump as I am Oprah.

That is, not.

It is the return of ‘Fake Melania’ people.

Here’s what you need to know:

The latest development

Some are suggesting the First Lady is hiding her identity. photo: getty Images

The video behind the uproar shows First Lady Melania and President Trump visiting the the Normandy American Cemetery alongside French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.

The video taken in early June shows the world leaders and their wives paying their respects to fallen American soldiers form the second World War.

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Online commentators however are pointing ou that ‘Melania’ is looking a little different - too different you might say.

The video posted by political news site The Hill, shows the four walking through the cemetery while a high wind blows.

Carried on that wind, is a stench of deception according to some, who instantly jumped on the video, claiming the woman being filmed was a body double and not in fact Melania.

Reposting a different video from the same day, another user also spotted the ‘tell tale signs’.

Side by side photos can be persuasive, even for the most anti-conspiracist among us.

Some observers believe the Melania clad in black sunglasses is really a body double. Photo: Getty Images

The recent photos came from the European visit the First Lady undertook with her husband to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing.

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The theory has its roots way back in 2017 when the first lady started sporting the thick black glasses that most theorists argue are used to hide her identity.

The theory

Some argue the First Lady avoids official events using a trusted SS agent. Photo: Getty Images

For the uninitiated the theory seems highly unusual, however pages and pages of the internet are dedicated to defining, redefining and explaining the unusual idea that Melania Trump is on occasion impersonated by another woman.

Some say this woman is an SS agent and the whole thing is an elaborate security manoeuvre.

There are images online suggesting the agent is hiding in plain sight at all times, and as one Twitter user points out has even been seen sporting the same ring.

Others argue the first lady so hates her husband that she sometimes can’t bring herself to be seen in public with him.

The internet has gone so far as to identify images of ‘fake Melania’ and face check them with the above woman.

The theory first kicked off back in 2017, and was reignited when photos emerged of Melania in Alabama looking... different.

This photo reignited claims that the First Lady is frequently impersonated by a body double. Photo: Getty Images

While generally the theory is a lighthearted online joke, there are those that take it deadly seriously.

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The President himself even responded to the rumours on Twitter, denouncing the theory as a leftist conspiracy.

This of course only fuelled the fire.