Meghan Markle speaks out against the racism she's faced

Meghan Markle refuses to be quiet when it comes to racism [Photo: Getty]

Meghan Markle – otherwise known to most of the world as Prince Harry’s girlfriend – has received her fair share of shocking comments over the past few months.

Ever since her relationship with the royal was revealed last year, the 35-year-old actress has been hounded by the press, leading Harry to issue a public statement effectively telling the media to back off.

Yesterday, Meghan published a piece on the racism her family has endured. Although it was originally published in 2015, the actress felt it was right to bring the issue up again to encourage equality across the globe.

Writing on her lifestyle site, The Tig, she recalls a story her grandfather told her about a cross-country road trip: “Meggie, when we went to KFC, we had to go to the back door for ‘coloureds’. The kitchen staff handed me the chicken from the back door and we ate in the parking lot. That’s just what it was.”

The mixed race actress regularly shares inspiring messages on social media [Photo: Instagram/meghanmarkle]

Meghan goes on to say how much the story still “haunts” her. “It reminds me of how young our country is. How far we’ve come and how far we still have to come,” she wrote. “It makes me think of the countless black jokes people have shared in front of me, not realising I am mixed, unaware that I am the ethnically ambiguous fly on the wall.”

The actress ends the piece by thanking the “champions of change” including Martin Luther King Jr., Harvey Milk and Gloria Steinem.

Let’s hope those unnecessary comments experienced by Meghan and many more will stop once and for all.

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