Meghan Markle very involved in Instagram account, picked logo colour and 'knew about about algorithms'

There’s been a great deal of debate over how involved Meghan Markle is in running the Instagram account she shares with Prince Harry.

A number of American spellings have led eagle-eyed royal followers to believe it’s the mum-of-one herself writing captions and upload images.

Most prolific figures, A-listers and other members of the Royal Family rely on social media managers to run their accounts.

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But, according to a royal reporter the Duchess of Sussex, 38, is incredibly involved.

“It was Meghan’s idea to have white borders on all of the pictures, she wanted a constant theme,” Omid Scobie tells Yahoo UK.

“She’s very much a Hollywood millennial, she grew up in the public eye as a working actress with her social media boosting her profile. So, she knew exactly what tricks to bring along there.

“She even knew about Instagram algorithms.”

The Duchess of Sussex, photographed at the 91st Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in November 2019, has played a crucial part in the success of the Sussex Royal Instagram account [Photo: Getty]

Scobie says Meghan is “very much the driving force” behind the start of the account.

“She came in with a lot of the ideas and a lot of experience in that space,” he says.

Prior to marrying Harry, Meghan ran her own successful, public Instagram account with three million followers. She used the account to share snapshots of her life, including family moments, images of her luxury Toronto home (she was based in the city while filming ‘Suits’) and her two dogs.

When she joined the Royal Family, Meghan deleted the account.

Harry, 35, has also been involved in the conception and running of the Instagram profile.

“Harry and Meghan were so hands on in the beginning of the Sussex Royal Instagram account. They looked at a different colour palette to chose the exact royal blue for their banner and their logo,” says Scobie.

“The two of them are very hands on in the process.”

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Having never used Instagram before (it’s believed the Kensington Royal account that Harry used to share with his brother, William, and sister-in-law, Kate, was managed by a staff member) Harry’s also come up with ideas of his own, says Scobie.

“We’ve seen him partner with The National Geographic to start the looking up hashtag, which was to promote tree conservation around the world and get people to share their own pictures of trees. So, I think he’s very much now thinking in the same way that [Meghan] does.

“They’ve realised the world is their oyster and they can do whatever they want on Sussex Royal and really be supported by their near 10-million followers.”

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Meghan’s social media prowess has paid off.

The account boasts 9.9 million followers - almost as many as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s account, which has 10.4 million and was launched in January 2015.

Meghan and Harry’s account, by comparison, was launched in April 2019. It broke a record almost immediately: it reached 1 million followers within hours of launching.

Despite the time and effort the Duke and Duchess put into their Instagram account, there’s one social media platform that you won’t see the royal couple using any time soon.

“They don’t have a Twitter account. The pair of them aren’t huge fans of Twitter and feel it’s a place they can’t really control the conversation as much,” Scobie reveals.

“So, I don’t think we’ll see them joining Twitter anytime soon.”