Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'break dinner party etiquette by insisting on sitting next to each other'

Lauren Clark

Meghan Markle is often accused of breaking etiquette - from dress codes at official events, to public displays of affection with Prince Harry.

Now, the Duchess of Sussex, 38, has been criticised for failing to adhere to British dinner party rules.

It has been claimed she insists on sitting next to her husband, the Duke of Sussex, 34, which goes against traditional table placement.

According to the Mail On Sunday, the new royal mum - who gave birth to three-month-old baby son Archie in May - has called the formalities “exclusive” and “traditional”.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly been breaking etiquette by insisting on sitting next to each other at dinner parties [Image: Getty]

As well as disliking sitting apart, it is claimed Meghan and Harry have been surprising fellow guests and the hosts with their affectionate PDA which is “frowned upon”.

The Duke’s friends “roll their eyes” at what they believe are her “American ways”.

In order to avoid any more ruffled feathers, others have “stopped inviting her to dinner” at all.

Traditional rules dictate that couples should never sit together to avoid such PDA.

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In some quarters it is also considered rude to not sit where you are placed by the hosts at the table.

Meghan was recently criticised for wearing jeans to watch her friend Serena Williams play at Wimbledon.

An England Club insider told The Times that she shouldn’t have been wearing them in the members' area where she was sitting on Court One.

Her attire - which also included a Panama hat - also meant that she couldn’t be invited to the Royal Box.

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At last year’s Trooping The Colour, Meghan surprised onlookers by exposing her shoulders.

She wore a blush pink Carolina Herrera skirt suit for carriage ride alongside Harry.

However, according to royal commentator, Richard Fitzwilliams, the outfit was “unusual” but didn’t break any rules.

“Meghan’s peach off-the-shoulder Caroline Herrera outfit and matching Philip Treacy hat suited her perfectly,” he told Yahoo Style UK.

“It may be unusual for a royal but it breaches no protocol.”

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