Megan Fox has revealed she sends her sons to an 'organic, sustainable, vegan school'

Megan Fox has revealed she sends her kids to a 'vegan school' [Photo: Getty]
Megan Fox has revealed she sends her kids to a 'vegan school' [Photo: Getty]

Megan Fox has revealed how she is raising her children to be kind to animals and live sustainably by sending her sons to an “organic, sustainable, vegan school.”

The ‘Transformers’ star, 33, has three sons, Journey River, 3, Bodhi Ransom, 5, and Noah Shannon, 7, with her husband Brian Austin Green.

The actress was attending PUBG Mobile’s #Fight4TheAmazon and opened up about the couple’s parenting decisions to People.

“We send them to an organic, sustainable, vegan school where they’re seed-to-table, they plant their own food. They grow it, they harvest it and they take it to local restaurants to sell it, so they understand how all of that works,” she told the publication.

“I’m very specific about never harming animals.

“We don’t step on ants. We don’t do things like that.

“We don’t rip flowers out of the ground because we think they’re beautiful. I teach them that plants are sentient beings – they have feelings, thoughts and emotions – so that’s what we’re doing.”

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The ‘Jennifer’s Body’ actress went on to say that the couple try hard to let their children be themselves with as little intervention as possible.

“It’s about releasing control, right? That’s all it is,” she said.

“It’s allowing them to be who they are and relinquishing control because they were born to be who they are, and it’s my job to support that process, not to get involved and micromanage and mould them into what I think they should be.

“It’s being of that mindset of realising that they come as the teachers to us. We’re here to keep them alive, but we’re learning all the lessons from them.”

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Megan has previously revealed that she followed a vegan diet until she lost too much weight.

“For a year and a half, until about four months ago, I followed a strict vegan diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, no bread, sugar and coffee,” she said in a 2011 interview with Amica magazine.

“But I had lost too much weight. So now I eat a bit of everything.”

The actress and her husband have previously found themselves the target of parent-shamers, who critcised the couple for allowing their sons to have long hair and wear dresses.

But clearly both Megan and Brian are both keen to support their children while they forge their own paths in life and for that they should be praised, no?