McDonalds is flipping its famous golden arches in celebration of International Women's Day

McDonalds is flipping its famous golden arches for International Women’s Day [Photo: McDonalds]
McDonalds is flipping its famous golden arches for International Women’s Day [Photo: McDonalds]

CYMI today is International Women’s Day, the day when we give extra props to the awesomeness of women.

And joining in the celebrations is McDonalds, who are marking the day in a pretty major way by flipping their famous golden arches so that the ‘M’ becomes a ‘W’ for women.

The fast-food chain claimed in a statement that the move is in honour of “the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere.”

“We have a long history of supporting women in the workplace,” Chief Diversity Officer Wendy Lewis told Business Insider.

They went on to note that 6 out of 10 managers of the burger giant’s US restaurants are women.

“From restaurant crew and management to our C-suite of senior leadership, women play invaluable roles at all levels, and together with our independent franchise owners, we’re committed to their success.”

Though the arches are only being flipped to a W in one actual location in Lynwood, California, the brand’s digital channels, including Twitter and Instagram, will sport the upside down M logo all day today.

And 100 restaurants will have specially-designed shirts and hats, with the celebratory ‘W’ logo.

Trouble is, Twitter isn’t quite sure what to make of the move.

For some it’s nothing more than an empty publicity stunt.

“McDonalds: In celebration of women we are flipping the arches upside down. Or you could give your employees better benefits,” one user wrote.

“Hey @McDonalds, maybe instead of a cheap PR stunt where you make the M a W to “support” women, you do something real — like paying your workers a living wage,” another added.

But some people took to social media to praise the flipping of the logo.

“@McDonalds Thank you for flipping the “M” to a “W” for women’s day, finally a relief from 364 days of “M” men’s day,” one wrote.

“WOW! This is so awesome!! Thank you, McDonalds!,” added another.

“Kudos to @McDonalds. I would proudly wear one of those upside down shirts. #WomensDay2018” another user commented.

McDonalds isn’t the only brand to get in on the IWD act. Earlier this week Brewdog announced plans to introduce Pink IPA beer for girls in a sarcastic parody of marketing techniques, which received a mixed response.

Much more positively received was Barbie’s release of 17 new dolls to honour historical and modern-day heroines.

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