McDonald's fans delighted by 'brilliant' hack to get cheap meals every time you eat

A McDonald's fan has shared how to get discounted food in your local branch (stock image)
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Fast food aficionados, get ready to bag your favourite McDonald's treats for a steal with a nifty trick from Britain's very own 'Coupon King'.

The thrifty guru Jordon Cox, who is a regular on ITV's This Morning and an Instagram sensation with 55,000 followers, has revealed his foolproof hack for enjoying McDonald's on the cheap using an "unlimited trick".

Dishing out his money-saving wisdom, Jordon advised: "Never pay full price for a meal! Here's how: at the top of every McDonald's receipt, there's a survey called Food For Thoughts. If you enter your code and fill out the survey (which can take 1-2 mins if you whizz through it), you get a voucher for a £2.99 meal sent through email."

He added that you can pick from a Big Mac, McChicken, Quarter Pounder, six Chicken Nuggets, Fillet-o-fish or McPlant with fries or side salad.

McDonalds kiosk
A McDonald's fan has shared a 'brilliant' hack that lets you get meals for just £2.99 -Credit:UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Jordon further explained: "And the great thing about this trick - you use your email voucher at the touch screen/at a till, place your order with cheap food... and you get another receipt. Then you can fill out that survey, and get another voucher for next time. Some meals can cost £6+, and if you don't want a drink - this is a great way to save", reports the Daily Star.

A McDonald's spokesperson clarified: "Have your receipt handy and visit our Customer Satisfaction Survey page to take the survey. At the end of the survey, you'll receive a validation code to use on a future visit to McDonald's."

Many people have confirmed the validity of Jordon's hack in the comments section of his video. One person revealed: "I always do this, my friends can't be a**** doing it so I always take their receipts and have loads stocked up, I have three currently."

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Another added: "I do this because I remember you on This Morning [talking] about this. And ever since that when I get McDonald's I do the survey and get the £2.99 meal."

A third fan was excited about the hack, describing it as "brilliant". Another commenter, delighted with the hack, shared: "Yesterday, I combined my McDonalds rewards points with the stickers I'd collected off my fries box for an entirely free meal. I think we're speaking the same language! ".

"Been doing this for months now," another person admitted, while a regular McDonalds diner added: "I don't understand why anyone would eat in McDonalds without trying this."